Monday, October 31, 2011

Tad Cooks Biscuits and Gravy!!

Thursday is National Men Make Dinner Day!! Luckily, I have a husband who can whip up a few things, and biscuits and gravy is one of his specialties! I didn't grow up in the south, and I had never even had biscuits and gravy before I met him! It is his family's Christmas morning breakfast tradition, and one year he learned how to make it via a phone conversation with his sister, Anna. Now, he has perfected it, and it is requested by me from time to time! It is one of my all-time favorite meals!
I think the first time I tried biscuits and gravy, it was either Tad's or his family's, and ever since then I have tried it at different restaurants and such, and have never had any that compares!! We like to make a batch with spicy sausage if we are making a lot, and make a pan with the regular sausage for the kids or other people who don't like the spice. But both are equally flavorful and yummy!

Okay. I will give you the Tad, not-so-exact recipe because I didn't even know how he made it until I wrote this post! First, you put the bacon on a cookie sheet and bake until it is crispy. He never sets a timer for anything, so he just waits awhile and then checks on it! Drives me crazy!

He then browns a whole package of sausage in a pan, and removes it, leaving the grease. To the grease, he slowly adds a little flour and a little milk, whisking it until it is thick and combined, and then keeps adding milk and flour to make a nice, thick gravy. Once you have the gravy at the consistency you want, add the crumbled bacon and sausage into the gravy.
The other man in my life had to help too! He was actually being really fussy and wanted Tad to hold him just then, so he got to "help!"

Make whatever biscuits you have on hand, or make them from scratch if you prefer. We always just buy the ones in the can! We like to break them up into pieces first, or you can just split them and top with gravy! Delicious!!!

Seriously one of my favorite meals! And such a treat to not have to cook! Thanks, babe!
Isn't he cute???

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