Monday, August 27, 2012

Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Week 2

 We had such a great first week of Classical Conversations!! I was so pleased with my kids in my class and their parents who are so supportive, encouraging, and helpful! And we actually got through the memory work for this week and Maddy has memorized her first poem for her presentation tomorrow!! I have the schedule for tomorrow and what I'm going to do with the kids for each subject, and I will include the link for the hand motions. If you have any questions about that, please ask!
Also, someone had a question about the hand motions for the timeline. I will again include a link to the hand motions I am using, but they ARE NOT official hand motions for CC. They were the only ones I found for the new 2012 timeline, but I have since heard that there are other hand motions out there. Also, I am not on CC connected yet, so they aren't from that file sharing either. Hope this helps parents, tutors, and kids to review their memory work during the week!

Timeline: Sing/song way to say it with hand motions on Pinterest
hand motions on YouTube
History Sentence: Sing along with Foundations cd, hand motions
Geography: Review last week's geography (Fertile Crescent) and use plastic dinosaur/fish to find Fertile Crescent and Assyrian Empire on the big/small maps, trace and color areas.
English: Preposition song with hand motions
Latin: Say the noun cases with different voices (Nominative - hands over mouth and say loudly, Genitive - singing, Dative - high voices, Accusative - stern voice with finger pointing, Ablative - clapping to rhythm of words.
Science - using pictures of different kingdoms, have kids hold them and say them, then put them in order
Math - use a "bean bag" (different stuffed animal each week for different numbers of skip counting) toss while sitting in a circle and use the song to learn
Science Experiment - Belly up and Spider Web
Drawing/Fine Arts - Mirror Images
Presentations: Recite a memorized poem

Grammar Review: (they will draw papers out of a hat to see which review games they will do, what we have time for)
Timeline - mix up cards
Math: Bean bag toss while standing in a straight line, toss around back to next person and say number
Science: mix up cards and put in order, sparkle game, duck duck goose
Latin: toss the bean bag across to partner and say the noun cases
English: review preposition definition song/game, preposition motions with song
Geography: Tell me about...and they have to name the five areas of that location
History Sentence: Review song with motions (have the kids "remind" me of the motions)

I also am going to have the treasure box this week for good behavior; if they have 2 stars, from this week and last week, they get to pick out of the treasure chest. Also, they each have their own "sticker book" that I printed their names on and they get stickers throughout class for good behavior, getting up and doing their presentations, and answering questions right.
I have a fun week planned! I'm looking forward to it!!

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