Thursday, October 27, 2011

Outdoor Fall Decor

I am so excited this year to decorate outside for the Fall season!! It might sound really silly, but living in Chicago all those years in a little apartment didn't allow for us to decorate outside!! We had a tiny little balcony that I could put a small table and a plant on, but other than that, not even a front porch!!
We were glad to see that the people who previously lived here had planted mums all across the front of the flower bed, which stayed green all through the cold and hot months. We trimmed them once or twice, and now they are in full bloom! They are mostly a deep red/maroon color and one of them is getting some burnt orange flowers too! There is also another mum (or other plant) that is getting buds and I'm wondering what they will look like!!

I also bought a few mums and pumpkins to put out on our porch since it is pretty big. When we first moved in, the porch seemed pretty empty with nothing on it, and it took us awhile to figure out what we wanted on there and to find stuff for it! But with the mums and pumpkins, it is looking more full! We got the chairs for about $20 from a thrift store, and the baskets that the mums are in and the little rocking chair are from a garage sale!!

Here is my little man watering the yard. Well, the driveway. Okay, he is just playing with the hose!!
Pretty soon, the little pumpkins will come inside, since they are pie pumpkins and I will have to put them to good use!! We will carve our pumpkins this weekend, toast the seeds, and then I might have to figure out what to do with the porch again!! I will also probably have to plant the mums I got from the store in the side part of the flower beds.
Any ideas for another bare porch once the flowers/pumpkins are removed??
Happy Fall!


  1. I'm just here gathering inspiration. We moved into our first house 4 years ago, but still haven't done much outdoor decor. Your porch and flowers look great to me!

  2. It looks so pretty!! My husband and I are now in the shoes you were in porch (we live on the fourth floor in a small flat). But I'm definitely looking forward to the day I can decorate like you have. =)

  3. Aw, that is so cute! We don't have a front porch to decorate yet, but I look forward to when we do. :)

  4. It looks like fabulous! I'm not great at doing decorations, and I was just thinking today that we needed to add a little something to the front of our house....thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Very cute decorations. And I love your porch. I am a huge fan of front porches, but sadly have never had one {ours have always been small little entries}.

    You could do some really fun Christmas decorations once it's time. Like some lightened garland up the pole on the right.