Thursday, October 6, 2011

Try New Adventures Thursday...Cake Reveal

We had our mid-pregnancy ultrasound the other day! We decided instead of opting to find out the sex of the baby right there on the spot, we would wait a little bit! We saw a special on "Good Morning America" about a cake reveal party. This is where you have the ultrasound technician write down the sex of the baby on a piece of paper and you bring that piece of paper to a bakery! They make you a cake with white icing or something plain, and then the inside of your cake is either pink of blue, depending on the sex. So when you cut into it, you find out what you are having! It did sound a little dorky at first, but when they showed different couples' home videos of finding out this way, with family and friends, it sounded fun! And since my sister-in-law works at a bakery in town, it was perfect! She actually made our cake! Didn't she do a great job?
In our case, with our 2 other kids, we thought this would be a creative idea. Especially since we live near family now! Judah didn't really get it, but Maddy definitely did! We prepped Maddy about what we were doing, and made sure that she understood what the colors meant. She refused to accept the fact that it might be a boy, but we tried to get her ready!
So, without further ado, It's a....

Needless to say, Maddy is ecstatic about this! And so are we. I did have a hunch this whole time since I was very sick with Maddy and not with Judah, but the ultrasound tech threw me for a loop! She didn't tell us the sex, but she did say that she wrote one thing down, and then changed her mind and crossed it out! So that made me think it was a boy! So I was actually surprised!!
We are thrilled, and on the train to choose the name! We are getting there! Hope you are as excited as we are!!


  1. Congratulations!! We did a cake reveal party. Actually, it was cupcakes, so each person got to bite into their own. It was pretty cute.

  2. That is SO fun! I think maybe we should do this with the next baby! Not to mention that cake looks pretty yummy to this pregnant mama. Congrats on another girl...I'm excited for you.

  3. Fun times! We recently found out the gender of our next baby, but I'd never heard of this method of revelation. Congratulations!

  4. Very cool. Congrats on another girl! :)