Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Week 3

It's fun getting into the third week! With 2 weeks under our belts, it's fun to have review time and see how much we have stored away in our brains! And the kids love doing it, especially when there are hand motions to go along with what they have memorized! That's why I have tried to find hand motions for so many of the subjects! And of course, I will include the link to the hand motions that I have found for the subjects!
The age of kids that I have is adorable! I do have to try to keep their excitement at bay because at that age, they just want to blurt out anything that comes to their minds regarding, well, anything! You get to know what they are interested in pretty fast, because they will tell you!
Being new to CC, it is very impressive to me how much these kids can retain and say each week. When I first looked at the weekly material, I thought, "How is Maddy going to do this?" But she was interested in it right away, and I'm so glad that she loves the praise she gets when she does good at memorizing it! And thank goodness for the music that goes along with all the memory work! Where would we all be without the music? Once you hear something put to music, it's hard to forget it! Here is week 3!

Cycle 1 Week 3 Lesson Plan

Timeline: Say timeline and learn hand motions for this week: on Pinterest, on YouTube
History Sentence: Say, listen to the song, play instruments with the song (trying to find the beat)
Geography: Use the fish/dinosaur to find the new geography and past week's geographies on the map, color/trace
Science: Used a picture of an animal cell and pointed out the different parts, used an acronym: Nine Silly Veggies Made Sausage Gravy (Nucleus, Cytoplasm, Vacuole, Mitochondria, Cell Membranes, Golgi bodies(I used the "s" sound for the "c's" since they make the "s" sound, especially since I have some non-readers!)
Latin: Passed out a handout and used it to learn the sounds; the handout had pictures that represented the sounds for noun endings, listened to the song!!
English: New prepositions, learned the motions from this song, but we are going to use another song as sung by one of our own tutors, the prepositions to the tune of Yankee Doodle
Math: Used the songs to skip count the 5's and 6's, passed this week's "stuffed animal" to each other as we said the numbers
Presentations: Persuade us to play a game/sport
Science Experiment: Blending and Ground Temperature
Drawing/Fine Arts: Upside down image

Grammar Review: Have the kids draw pieces of paper out of a bowl with the names of different subjects from past weeks/this week's material (we just drew out of a hat until we ran out of time, we didn't get to each of these subjects)

Timeline: Review all the week's timeline with motions
History Sentence: 10 Commandments song/Greek/Roman gods song
Geography: Say the areas belonging to each Empire
Science: Review the weeks in the fun ways we learned them
Latin: Bean bag toss for noun cases, song for noun endings
English: Preposition game (the kids love!! ): they stand in a circle and turn around saying A preposition relates a noun or pronoun (turn around and jump and yell:) to another word!!!
Math: Review songs for skip counting

 I'm constantly trying to come up with new ideas to learn the information in a fun way that gets the material in their head quickly! I have found that hand motions and songs really help! So if I've used hand motions I have included the link here for you! Hope you enjoy learning this week's material!

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