Thursday, November 3, 2011


We had so much fun on and around Halloween this year! It was fun being in a town with lots of little activities for little kids, that are geared towards them having fun and not being scared on Halloween! One thing we did this year was go to the big church in town for their Fall Festival! They had carnival games, tickets, food, a bouncy house, a hay ride, and little games for the kids! They had so much fun! Aunt Lydia came and helped me with the kids since Tad had to work, and we had a blast!

Maddy and Judah loved this game! They just grabbed a little duckie out of the pool, and whatever number was on the bottom of it determined which basket of prizes they got to pull out of! They did it several times! And it was just easy enough for Judah to participate!

Maddy at the bottom of the bouncy house. There were tons of kids in there!
Hay ride! Lydia said Judah loved it and was waving to people from it! It was one of his favorite things there!
Finally, we have a front porch to carve pumpkins on! No more messy clean-up in the house, or on our super tiny balcony in our old apartment! And Halloween day was around 75 degrees and sunny, it was beautiful!! Tad mainly did all the work and carving, but the kids had fun watching and playing outside!!

And I got to make pumpkin puree from my pie pumpkins and Tad made some really yummy roasted pumpkin seeds!
It was so warm, the kids didn't have to bundle up to go out!! Another church in town had a little trick-or-treating time at their church where people sat out in costumes and gave the kids candy. So we did that right before we went out to the houses. It was fun seeing all the kid's costumes!
At this age, all Judah "understood" is that he had a bucket of candy, and he wanted to eat it. He didn't really get going from house to house, or people's costumes. He just wanted candy!
After going to some houses on our street, we finally came back and got to hand out candy to the kids who came here, which was fun! Our apartment building always had trick-or-treating, but it's really not the same as having your own house! We sat on the front porch and waited for the kids to come!
Pregnant belly, anyone?
Tad tried to do this whole pumpkin in little dots, cute!!

eJudah, no more candy! Sheesh!!
We finally put Judah to bed a little early that night! He was tired and fussy and only wanted candy!! But they had fun, and we have now hidden the gigantic bowl of Halloween candy to be given out only at certain times!!! We will now have to detox and go see the dentist to make sure we aren't eating too much!!!
So, here's to another adventure in our little house, and a fun time with the kids. They get more and more fun the older they get!! Love those kiddos!!


  1. Aw, how fun! Your kids look adorable.
    Ahhh, all the candy...we're feeling your pain over here, and we didn't even go trick-or-treating!! It's just that time of year...

  2. Oh wow! that looks like so much fun. You have a beautiful family :) My oldest son's name is Judah too!

  3. Fun! We missed doing the hayride this year. We never got around to carving our little pumpkins so we just drew faces on them. =p Love the pumpkin bellies! hehe

  4. Aww it all looks like so much fun! :)

  5. Very fun! Sounds like you have a very pedestrian-friendly neighborhood.