Friday, May 21, 2010


First time bringing both kids to a Moody recital. Boy, that was fun. Especially at the end when Maddy loudly announced, "All done!!!" This is a Women's Concert Choir pic!! Well, those of us who were there!

First time Judah was in Maddy's little princess stroller. Too bad I didn't get the pics on my camera of him at her tea party, with a headband on. And did I mention that Maddy calls him "Judy?" The little sister she always wanted. . .

First time at Molly's Cupcakes. Didn't know what I was missing. Yum.

These are some of their seats. Which Maddy loved. She wouldn't sit anywhere else.

I tried the Strawberry Shortcake cupcake. And I have had the Tiramisu cupcake. Love it.

But there are tons to choose from.

First time Maddy got to hold a bird.

And first time a bird was on her head!!!

First group picture of my EWACH group (Entrusted With A Child's Heart). LOVE these ladies!! This ends my 2nd year in my small group at Moody Church with these women. So glad I decided to get involved in this group!!

Just ended Maddy's first year in AWANA!! The cutest Cubbie ever!!!

She did so good memorizing her verses!!!

Maddy's first pet!! Poor thing, she really wants a dog, but she sadly tells people that she can't have one in her apartment!! So her first pet is a Beta fish, which she calls a Potato fish. She named it Tweety. You can kind of see it in there. She picked out the pink rocks herself!!

First real food. Judah was only 4 months and ready for food. He is now going on 5 months and eating solids 3 times a day!! A big growing boy!!! These are pics of his first bites!!

He ate that first little bowl of food right down!! You think he's big in these pics?? Just wait a few more weeks with all this food he's eating!!
Thanks for sharing in all our "firsts" with us!! The kids are growing up fast, and hopefully I can get more pics up of them soon!


  1. awww...I LOVE it all...and so glad I could experience a few of these firsts with you all. Love the pics...makes me miss you SOOOO stinkin' much. I'm doing a 5k tomorrow....not sure what to think of it, and hopin' I'll make it with my leg. ugh!! I'll see you soon girl! CANNOT wait!!


  2. Jess,
    Well, don't worry, I know that you were here to lots of these experiences, but I will dedicate a special blog post to JUST YOU!! So just you wait and see!! Love you too girl! Have fun in the 5k!!

  3. I love all the pictures! And I just have to comment that when I was a kid, I dressed my little brother Joseph up like a girl and called him Josephine. Often. It cracked me up to read about Maddy and "Judy." :)

    Luci (it says anonymous cause I couldn't figure out how to do otherwise!)