Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!!!

I have the most amazing mom. She is the sweetest, kindest, most caring person. Growing up with her, I was used to being around her, and didn't think twice about the things she did, but after moving out, and especially after becoming a homemaker and a mother, I have learned to really see all the things she did for me and my sister, and her household.

One of the biggest things that I can see now, is that she always, always served her family without complaining. She always took care of our house and my sister and I, and I never remember her complaining, or whining, or begrudgingly doing those things. And she did a lot!!! Being a stay at home mom my whole upbringing, and having us in school a lot of those years, she did A LOT at home! She always mowed the lawn, raked leaves, kept our house spotless, cooked every dinner, baked, did laundry, took care of our dog, and when we were in highschool, she drove us 30-40 minutes to school everyday. Actually she started driving us to school in elementary school when my sister got run over by a schoolbus when she was 9. After that, the schoolbus wasn't a very favorable option, so she started driving us back then. Then, when we went to private Christian school, and there wasn't a bus system, she was committed to driving us everyday so that we could get a good education at a school that wasn't very close. I always remember her grabbing her coffee cup and driving one handed so she could finish her cup of joe on the way. And she would always try to talk to my sister and I about things on those drives. We jokingly used to call it, "lecture number 127..." but she always had good intentions!!!

I never realized how hard she worked, how much she did, and what a good attitude she had about it until I have come to do the same things, and find myself complaining about doing the dishes or being too tired to pick up the house at night. She always just did these things, got them done, and didn't whine about it. I never remember dishes piling up in the sink, or laundry not getting done, or her laying around when there were things to do.

But besides all the physical work she did, she has a heart for the Lord like no other. Especially after I went away to college, I have seen her faith grow in leaps about bounds. It is infectious and other people notice and talk about it. She has grown so much, spends regular time with the Lord, and talks to others about it all the time!! When people were living in their house and she didn't want to disturb anyone in the mornings, she would wake up and sit in her bathtub to do devotions!!! Now that's dedication!!

She loves the Lord, and it shows in her. She is sweet, kind, never gossips, is a prayer warrior, and is extremely compassionate. She is so others-centered. She is not like a lot of women who are consumed with themselves and their looks and their closet. She is so others-centered that she barely even does stuff for herself!!

She is a hard worker even now that we are out of the house and have families of our own. She has taken on a job at a nursing home serving the other residents by making their food, and she loves to build relationships with those people, and encourage them. There aren't many people like that who work in the nursing home!! Ever since we were little, she has visited the elderly, and spent much time with them. She has always loved older people, and gets such a kick out of them, learning from them and encouraging them.

She works hard. She works 40+ hours a week, still makes dinner for her and my dad, keeps her house clean, and always spends time with the Lord.

She also was submissive to my dad. She didn't just "obey" what he told her. She loved him so much that it spilled over into the way she lived. She dressed to please him, made dinners to please him, and joined him in his interests. I'm not even sure he knows how much she cherished him and put his needs before her own because she just did it naturally, because of her love.

Mom, you are truly an inspiration to me. Your selfless spirit, love for the Lord, and hard-working service to your family are truly evident. You never asked for recognition, to be noticed, or to be rewarded, but today, I want to say that I recognize you. You are an amazing person, and the Lord has worked beautifully in you. I only hope to live up to what you have modeled for me. I love you. Happy Mother's Day.

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  1. Steph I have to echo what you said about your mom...I mean, I'm only her niece, but OH MY WORD she is an amazing woman and an inspiration to me too!