Monday, May 3, 2010

The Weight Battle

(I know this is a horrible picture, I'm so sorry!!!)

I never knew the weight battle when I was a kid. I was always stick thin, and everyone would tell me how skinny I was, and how lucky I was. It didn't really phase me, because it's not like I worked for it. I had a high metabolism and could eat whatever I wanted. And I did.

I was thin as I entered highschool and into college, and then about Junior year in college I started to gain weight. Well, that weight crept up on me slowly, but nothing could prepare me for my shift in metabolism after having a baby. Oh my!!! I kept blaming my weight gain on having a baby, but after a couple years, and about 20-30 pounds later, I realized the baby blame had to be over. I was just eating too much for my metabolism!!!

It has been a struggle, and I now can empathize with the people who have struggled with weight, something I never beforehand understood. It has been hard for me who used to be able to eat anything, and I have never quite "recovered." To try to be disciplined and eat small portions, eat healthy, and workout enough is a struggle with kids. But it is just another area of my life that needs work and DISCIPLINE!!!

Also, with nursing my son, I can't just STOP EATING!!! And with cooking being one of my favorite hobbies, I know I must learn to cook healthier and simpler. A lifestyle change for me and my family is what I desire, not a quick fad diet that I can't keep up with forever.

So now, after my second child, it is time to lose this weight. I have had a good head start, being blessed to be under my pre-pregnacy weight right after having Judah. How that happened, I have no idea!!! But I am on the path to losing weight. For some extra-added accountability, I have asked my sister to a friendly weight-loss competition, ending right before a family vacation this summer in the Outerbanks.

So, let the weight loss begin, or continue!!!

It is embarrassing to talk about weight, because it is something that makes me so self-conscious. I compare myself to other people ALL THE TIME, but I only have myself to blame for my decisions to eat too much!!!

But I need to do this for myself! I can't continue to gain! I must gain control of this area and learn to eat healthy, which I am doing better at.

So, all you mommies out there - how did you do it? Did you just choose to eat less, or barely at all? Or did you do a certain program? Or do you workout like a crazy woman so you can eat as much as you want?

Do you wake up at the crack of dawn and run? Or go to the gym and put your kids in the kid place? Or are you just blessed with a great metabolism??

Advice, suggestions, and healthy eating tips accepted here!! Comment if you have any wisdom!! Thanks!

And more to come on the weight loss! Nothing like a BLOG for accountability!!!


  1. Steph, you should get a jogging stroller. Working out with kids can be difficult because first of all I don't want to pay for a gym membership or pay to have them watched while there. My stroller has been my lifesaver because they are actually really good while I'm running (I pretty much go every afternoon). Plus, since we are already out we make an afternoon of it. There's a lake I go to, so I let them feed the ducks or throw rocks when we're done.

    Also, look into getting some workout dvd's. I love taebo and do it all the time as well. I have pretty much every single set and love the Taebo Amped set. You can do it while they're napping or get up before them. Good luck - you can do it!! Having a buddy/accountability is great so you stay on top of it. Anyhow, that's what I do and it works great for me. Hope that helps! :)

  2. Thanks so much!!! I love Taebo too!!! It's just harder now with 2 kids, whenever they are sleeping, I want to sleep too since I don't get much sleep at night. I just wish I was more disciplined!! Thanks for your insight!

  3. Hey Stephanie! I haven't had to lose pregnancy weight yet, but my mom had to lose it for six kids. She has a fast metabolism and breast feeding for a long time helped as well, since it burns calories. She tended to make small lunches, healthy snacks, and then a big dinner with a limited dessert. AND she was a runner, which definitely helped!

    I hate running, so we'll see how that goes with me!

  4. The best part of losing the weight is when a few months later you're pregnant again and put on another 80lbs (hey don't judge, I was pregnant with twins!). So my dear friend, I'm happy to jump on the losing weight bandwagon. I have 35 to go, sounds like a lot but I know it can be done!

    My main problem in losing weight is desserts! It's a love/hate relationship that I have with sugar. Last time I lost my weight (I had 20 to lose that time), I used iceies at night as my low calories sugar fix. Guess what, I'm sick of iceies - so I bought a Costco size can of pineapple, frozen strawberries & some bananas. I food processed it all up (not into a mush, just chunks) and put it in the freezer. It's my new low calorie ice cream. :-) Anythings better downing a pint of Ben & Jerry's!

  5. Thanks Em!!! I think that is the key, too, is finding out your weaknesses and replacing it with something healthier instead of trying to cold turkey it out of your diet. I have about 35 to lose too, so we should do it together!!!