Sunday, May 30, 2010

May with the kiddos

Yeah, he is stinkin' cute. I know. He has such a good demeanor. He is rolling over, laying on his belly to play, eating 3 meals a day of solids, and loving to watch his crazy big sister as he just turned 5 months already!!
It was so nice to have such warm weather EARLY this year. Last year was brutal in Chicago, and we waited forever for warm weather. This year, Maddy was playing at the beach in March, and in the freezing cold water, thinking it was summer already.

Yes, Maddy is always crazy with him. He has survived being stood on, run into, hit, moved, picked up, bit, a sticker over his mouth, a princess tea party, bracelets, pink blankets, dolls, and being called Judy, all by his well-meaning big sissy.
Maddy got hives from head to toe, so we were inside a couple days. She was still in good spirits so we had to find some projects to do. My grandma got me this herb kit for Mother's Day, so we planted those. And Maddy's Aunt Anna sent her some seeds to plant in an egg carton. So we did our planting projects and we have been having our "bible time" on the balcony in the mornings while Judah takes his morning nap. It's fun to spend time together and some time "outside" finally!!
"Look at me touch my toes!!"
We went to visit my really good friend, Emily, out in the suburbs. She has 4 kids, 4, 2, and newborn twins who were born in March. Boy are they cute!! So our playdates consist of 3 toddlers and 3 newborns, ration = 6 to 2. Their names are Lydia and William. William's expression here and hands on his hips are priceless. "Don't mess with me!" And Lydia is like, "Get me out of the middle of these boys!" And Judah says, "Hey look at me! I'm bigger than both of them put together!!"
About to go out of the city for an outing. Didn't make it far. Decided to go to the beach. It was way too cold that day. Ended up nursing Judah in the car in the parking lot while Tad and Maddy played at the playground for 5 minutes before they decided it was too cold!!
Who needs a stroller when dad can skateboard the kid around the city?? Classic Tad.
Maddy loves art projects!! This is her making art projects for the doormen and security guards in our building. Today she told me, "I'm going to bring my coloring books to Oklahoma because I'm an artist just like Lydia (Tad's sister) and I like to color and she likes to paint." So cute!!

Hope your May was wonderful!! It flew by! Can't believe it is already almost June!

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  1. Loved this post, and love that Momes calls him Judy...totally made me smile hearing her in my head saying! I love your kiddos so much! And the pic of Jude and the babies is funny!!

    Love ya, have a great week, and I'll see ya soon!