Monday, May 10, 2010

A Typical Walk in the City

We go out for walks ALL. THE. TIME. In the city, there isn't parking like in other normal neighborhoods. Well, there is if you want to buy and put a city sticker on your car for around $100. Then you can find street parking and pay at a meter, or pay to park in a parking garage for around $25 or so. And then you risk getting your car broken into, towed, bumped while other people try to parallel park, or your windows smashed in.

And plus, walks in the city are fun, and we live in a great location that is close to most of everything fun in downtown Chicago. And so we walk.

We walk to playgrounds, outdoor concerts, museums, the beach, restaurants, the lakefront path, people's houses, coffee shops, the bank, the grocery store, Walgreens, the library...You name it, we walk there.

Our "backyard" is the city.

So here we go!

Diapers, check. Wipes, check. Extra outfit for Judah, check. Blankets, check. Check. Check.

Okay. Ready to go!

This particular walk didn't start out so good. Not in a good mood to pose for the camera. Walked to a restaurant. Closed on Sundays. Walked down by the loop. Everthing is closed in the loop on Sundays. Got stuck in the rain. Judah was fine, everyone else-getting wet. Buy umbrella at Walgreens. Major meltdown in Walgreens when Maddy bugs Judah in the stroller and gets in trouble.

Stop at McDonald's when the Princess gets hungry and whiny. Very unhappy princess.

But the chicken nuggets and a McDonald's toy quickly change the mood!!!

Yeah. Drying off. Better moods. Good times.

Even the little prince was in a better mood once we stopped at McDonald's and got out of the rain.

Finally get home and changed into pjs. This is a weird pic but captures it all so well. Tad trying to make it through the story. Judah is like, "I'm ready for bed." and Maddy, well, is just Maddy.

Goodnight all!

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