Saturday, October 13, 2012

Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Week 7

 Well, if you are wondering why it's been so long since I have done a CC post, it is because we had a week off! So we are about to head into week 8 already! Time flies! I have enjoyed hearing from different tutors who have read this blog, and have really enjoyed the input and suggestions other creative tutors have offered! Let's help each other!
I was really at a loss for a grammar review game this week. We ended up reviewing a lot of songs, and the different ways we learned the different subjects. It wasn't really a game, and I was less than impressed with myself for not being more creative! I thought all week about how to do a review game, and I was just coming up with nothing! But I recently went and planned through week 12 and came up with several new and exciting review games, so I'm excited!
In our training sessions, I remember the leader of our session saying that some weeks it was all she could do to get to CC with her kids, and it was difficult. I think I had one of those weeks this past week. There has been a lot going on in our church, with sickness and hardships, and I just felt very heavy during the week. I think that's why I couldn't come up with a review game! But you know, that's life. I don't think we can all be spot on every week. But God gives us grace to get there, get our kids there, and to keep going with what we have! What would we do without His strength?
So, here's what we did for week 7!

Timeline: Learn new cards with hand motions
History Sentence: Printed the words Hinduism and Buddhism on different pieces of cardstock with their symbols behind them and held them up whenever we said those words with the song.
Geography: Used big maps to find old/new geography, used individual passports I made them and they pick a "stamp" each week and glue it on and I write the name of the new Empire for the week inside.
English: Learned new hand motions for the new prepositions, sang the whole song of the prepositions to the tune of Yankee Doodle (up until what we know), which is what our campus is doing
Latin: Used the clip art page off of CC Connected to introduce the 3rd declension with the song
Science: For "how do animals reproduce?" we did hand motions: live birth (cupped hands at stomach opening up), eggs (hands cupped together like an egg) and fragmentation (I had the kids all hold hands and I lightly karate chopped their hands as I said frag-men-ta-tion, they loved it!)
Math: skip counting the 13's, sang the song and followed along on the board where it was written

Science Project: We are using the nature books that we printed off of CC Connected, we looked at the parts of a flower and they all had individual flowers to look at, then they drew and colored a flower (I didn't have them write and individually label all the parts)

Orchestra! We are doing orchestra this quarter because our orchestra leader is leaving in December! So we flip flopped our tin whistle and orchestra, which will push our tin whistle to the final quarter!

Presentations: The kids sit on individual carpet squares and the presenter stands in the center of a bulletin board that has a calendar in the center of it, so they know where to stand. I remind them of proper ways to do a presentation, what to avoid doing, and remind the class of good audience manners!

And that's it for week 7! Come join us next week for week 8!

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