Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sleeping Situations

Well, we finally did what I have been putting off for awhile. We moved Judah to a toddler bed and moved him into Maddy's room on the same night! Let me give you a little background information. Ruth had this little stint of getting up in the middle of the night and being up for 2-3 hours almost every night. This lasted for weeks. Sometimes she would be screaming, and sometimes she would be perfectly content. But she did not want to be in her bed. So I was exhausted. She was also waking up when we would go to bed, which was frustrating. So I had the brilliant idea to put our mattress in the living room. Well, Ruth started sleeping so much better, and I loved being able to watch tv, talk to Tad before bed, and not have to tip-toe when I went to sleep. But the flip side is that the mattress always seemed to be in the living room, taking up the whole living room walking space, and when Tad got up early in the morning for work, he couldn't turn on any lights or really make any noise without waking me up since I was still sleeping. I loved having our mattress in the living room, but Tad mentioned that he didn't like tripping over the mattress everyday. So one day, in a moment of craziness, I decided to surprise Tad and do this big project before he came home from work. I was going to transition Judah to a toddler bed, and move him into Maddy's room. Since I wanted to surprise Tad and get the whole thing set up, where we had our own bedroom, Ruth was in Judah's bedroom, and Judah and Maddy shared Maddy's bedroom, I just decided to do the whole transition thing (Judah to a toddler bed and moving to Maddy's room) in one night! Crazy, I know!
That night was the usual transition time where it was cool at first, but then he was up for awhile talking to Maddy, bugging her, and not wanting to go to sleep. But over the next few days, he really adjusted very well! I have been very pleased! He barely ever gets out of his bed, and in fact, he would wake up and ask if he could get up from his bed!
We still do have our issues, though. The main issue is that he used to sleep in until 8 or sometimes 9, and now he is getting up at 6. I know that Maddy wakes up pretty early, so I'm trying to iron out if she is waking him up, or if he is just waking up that much earlier. During nap time, Judah gets his own room, Maddy sleeps in our bed, and Ruth has her own room. So if I nap, I just sleep on the couch, and everyone sleeps great during nap time!
So, that's our latest big transition! We are still working through it, but overall, we have been pleased! Now, if I could just get them to sleep in a little later than 6, I would be ecstatic! Yawn!
And here are some of the most recent pics of the kids! They are getting so big!

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