Monday, October 29, 2012

Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Week 9

Well, there are good weeks and better weeks with CC and this past week was pretty good! It was picture day so we skipped the nature walk for the science project. I didn't know when we were gonna have to go outside for pictures, so that was a little bit of a distraction since we were all anticipating when we were gonna get called. It ended up being at the very end, so it interrupted our review game a little, but that was okay, we were ready for a break!
We have a few more weeks of CC before our long Thanksgiving break, which will be nice. I'm hoping to do a little party our last week since we won't be meeting over the holiday times!  I'm not sure what that's going to look like, since we still have all of our material to cover, but hopefully we can do something fun!

This is what week 9 looked like in our classroom:

Timeline: New cards and motions
History Sentence:  We used the song and a printed our picture from CC connected to point to for cues.
Geography: The usual, found the new and old geography on the maps, used the plastic fish/dinosaur/cars to go to different locations, used dry erase markers to color in/underline new geography
Latin: Used the clip art pictures off CC connected to learn new 4th declension, handed them out to kids, listened to the song
English: New prepositions and motions
Math: Used a sheet off of CC connected saying 15 times 1 = and so forth.
Science: Different parts of a plant: Leaves (stand straight up and pretend hands are the leaves), Stem (stand pencil straight), and Roots (Squat on the ground with hands out like roots).

Grammar Review:  I got small plant containers (about 9 of them) and labeled each one with the different subjects and had 3 blank ones. The kids would stand about 2 or 3 feet away and toss some plastic golf balls until they landed into one or knocked one over. Then they either got a question for that subject or if they got a blank one they got to pick which subject they got a question from.

We had a fun week! I have had fun coming up with different review games because by the end they always have energy to burn and it's fun to see how much they know! I am always amazed at how well they are doing!

Hope this helps, and as always, if you are a parent or tutor feel free to add suggestions, things that worked in your classroom, ideas you use at home, or anything helpful! Thanks!

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