Thursday, September 13, 2012

Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Week 4

I can't believe we just finished week four of Classical Conversations!! Each week is a unique with different challenges, ups and downs, and creative ways to present the material. I hope my parents are being patient with me as a first year tutor! I'm still working through the kinks of classroom management, taking care of Ruth and Judah (sometimes Judah has been in our class if he's sick or really sad without Mommy, and some moms have really stepped up in helping with Ruth!), coming up with creative ways to present the material, and coming up with ways to get the kids to start to memorize that week's memory work. It is all a challenge! I was spoiled this past week because my husband, Tad, was off and will be next Tuesday as well, so he gets to come help take care of Ruthie and watch our classroom! Extra bonus!
I am noticing that the time is long without much of a break for that age of kids. I might need to break up the subjects or come up with some ways to help them get a little energy out. They definitely are starting to get more of the wiggles in class, which is understandable! Tad just kept saying that that was a long time for that age to be in class without more breaks. But that is the way CC is set up, and there is a lot of material to get through in a "short" amount of time! But they are doing great! I am really impressed with the kids, and I can tell they are working on their memory work at home! It's not easy material! It takes all week for me to memorize all of it to present it to the class!
If any of the moms from my class, tutors, other tutors out there or anyone else ever has suggestions for how to creatively present material, please comment below! I have gotten kind of repetitive with a lot of the material since we build with hand motions and songs, and I want to try to do some different stuff next week, especially with the review time!
I have yet to get on CC connected, and once I get on there, I think I will have a lot more resources that will help me in my planning!
So, without further adieu, here is this week's schedule:

Timeline: Say and learn the hand motions
History Sentence: Say and learn hand motions with the song
Geography: Use fish/dinosaur to travel around to our previously learned locations, learn new location and color/trace on map with a dry erase marker (used acronym HATAC to remember the areas of the Hittite Empire)
Science: Used a diagram of the parts of a plant cell, tried to get the kids to remember that there are 6 parts of a animal cell, and 8 parts of a plant cell and to distinctly remember the 2 that are added to the plant cell
English: Used these hand motions, but at our location we are using a song that one of our tutor moms sings to the tune of Yankee Doodle. Since it goes pretty fast, I just sing it slower with them as we do our hand motions, instead of playing it in class. The parents have access to the song if they want to use it.
Latin: Review of singular and plural declension noun endings, used the clip art pages and sang the song, also sang and stopped at some points to see if they could tell me the next sound.
Math: Skip counting the 7's and 8's, sang the song and passed a ball to each other like a "hot potato" while slowly singing the numbers.

Presentations: Tell me something about the Ten Commandments

Next week: Tell me about your favorite toy

Drawing/Fine Arts: Abstract Art

Science Experiment: Pollution

Grammar Review: Had them pick pieces out of a bag with names of subjects we would review

Timeline: Used the timeline song and did hand motions
History Sentence: Used previous songs/hand motions
Geography: Named previous empires if drawn out of bag, we always review our past geography during Geography
Science: Just stated the questions we have learned and how we learned them
English: Reviewed the whole Preposition song (to the tune of Yankee Doodle) with the motions we know
Latin: Review
Math: Reviewed the previous songs if they drew that card out of the bag


  1. I am a first year tutor too! For grammar review last week, I set up centers with review activities by subject.....they worked really well and I have been using them at home and will try them again this week. Kids pair up and rotate through centers, spending 3-4 minutes at each:-) Hope this helps....thank you for your posts....I read them each week and have gotten great ideas myself:-)


    1. You are welcome!! Thanks for the idea! I was just thinking of what I was going to do for review this next week!