Thursday, January 5, 2012

Crazy Dog

In just a few short months, look how big Minnie has gotten!! We got her in August and by January this is how big she is! She has about grown out of her kennel and we will need to be getting one shortly!! She has been a pretty good dog, although, she isn't the indoor dog we thought we were getting. She is so hyper that she really needs to be outside all day to get her energy out, not destroy things in the house, and not jump all over the kids. She comes in and sleeps at night, and luckily, we have a little gated side yard where we put Minnie when the kids play in the backyard. She barks at all the neighborhood dogs, barks at kids on the path behind our house, and takes naps in the sun. And when Maddy left her doll outside once, it became Minnie's favorite outside toy! She has chewed off the hands and it looks disgusting and heinous but she plays with it everyday!! The cutest thing is that right when we brought her home, Maddy gave her one of her stuffed animals and she sleeps with it every night! She usually cuddles it between her paws or rests her head on it! I can't believe I have 3 "kids" who need their stuffed animals at night!!
She has "run away" 2 times, but luckily we got her back. Our gate broke and she got out, but once Tad went and got her in the car, and another time she came back to our front porch!!
She loves our local dog park. We hadn't been for awhile, but recently we went and had her run on the "big dog" side, which is huge, and she loved it! We have a medium-sized, fenced-in backyard, but it is nothing compared to the fenced-in dog park!!
Tad is going to start running with her, as he has been getting into running again and Minnie has tons of energy!! They thought she was a terrier/lab mix but we aren't totally sure. She is all puppy and a sweet dog, just a little much for this super pregnant momma to handle sometimes!! Like yesterday when she got ahold of my slipper when I was getting her food. I did not want to chase her all over the backyard, thank you very much, and I was not happy as I watched her feast on one of my new slippers in the backyard all morning. Tad rescued it when he got home from work, and now I have a slightly dirty slipper, but it still works!
One day, I hope to have a more mellow dog who will lay around or just walk casually around the house without mauling the kids, but in the meantime, she is a crazy, hyper outdoor dog! But we love her!!

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  1. Maybe she will calm down a little as she gets older? Oreo started chilling out a LOT when he turned 2. He's so chill now and I love that. :)