Monday, January 16, 2012


Well, I think nesting has officially set in!! I am officially obsessed with having a clean house, which if you have young kids you know, never really happens!! I have been breaking my back to try to get every nook and cranny sorted through and organized lately, before baby arrives!! I really should be slowing down now, since it doesn't take much for my back to hurt when I'm cleaning/bending over and picking up toys!! I am almost done going through all the different areas in my house, that I can do anyways, and all of the baby clothes are washed, folded, organized, and put away until about 6 months. It's crazy how at the end you really step it up into high gear to get things done and ready for baby!! And at the time when it's hardest to do so!!
But we are excited!! I can't believe I'm gonna have another baby in about 6 weeks!! I don't think the reality has really set in with Tad yet. A couple times I have been folding baby clothes and he looks at me with big eyes like "we are gonna have another baby soon!" I think the pregnant woman is much more fully aware!!

So, I am just counting down the weeks and hoping for a smooth labor and delivery!! If you know me, you probably know that I have had some rough deliveries/recoveries in the past so I'm hoping this one will be different!! I'm 34 weeks today!!