Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Loving Christmas Break!!

I was sooo looking forward to our Christmas break!! We made it through the first "semester" of kindergarten homeschool!! It was rough at times, but overall, it went pretty well! But let me tell you, this teacher and student were ready for a break!! It has been so nice to have extra time to sleep in, get things done, hang out with people, get caught up with projects, and just have fun!! And Judah has enjoyed the extra company since we aren't preoccupied with doing school!! So here are some pictures of what we have been doing on our break! Pictured above and below are pics of the kids decorating cookies at Grandma's house, with their aunts!!!
We have a membership at our local art and science museum for kids! We are there every Friday for Maddy's homeschool classes, but she rarely gets to play too much at the actual museum since she is in class! So this week we got to just go and play for a couple hours! She dressed Judah up like a fireman!

And we ate lunch in their room that is like a little castle! They had fun! They were being goofballs!

They both really enjoy coloring, and on some days when I was just getting things done around the house, I would print off Christmas coloring pages for them, and they loved it! And of course, whatever Maddy is doing, Judah usually wants to do too!!
I had lots of baking to do, and they loved licking the beaters!! And making big messes with lots of blankets and pillows!! And we have been in our pajamas a lot!!

We had our big homeschool group Christmas party, and the kids had fun doing their gift exchanges!!

How can you resist those cheeks? Sorry! This has nothing to do with Christmas break, but I couldn't resist putting this picture in!!
He always sees Sissy climbing the rock wall, and he wanted to give it a try. He got the harness on and Tad held him on the wall for a minute before he decided he was done! "A" for effort!!
And the infamous tents!! Kids love tents!! This time I decided to make one over the dining room table, and it didn't fall over a million times when they pulled on the blankets! Genius!! And their favorite thing right now is playing with flashlights, and for Christmas they each got their own flashlight. They love playing anywhere dark, turning off lights, closets, tents, etc. So they have been having fun!!
We still have until January 3 on our break, and then we are back to school!! It has been a very nice break, and Tad had his 2 3-day weekends during our break too, which was a bonus!! We had a great Christmas and had a relaxing day with family!! Hope yours was great as well!

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  1. I remember my brother and I playing in tents with flashlights when I was younger too--fun stuff. Loved this post--thanks for sharing. Love you!