Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fun Christmas Present!

The kids got such a fun Christmas present this year! Grandma and Pops found this swingset at the local thrift store for a really good deal! And since we have a nice little fenced-in backyard, it is perfect for the kids! Minus the fact that it is freezing outside right now! Judah loves the slide and Maddy loves the swing! I even saw Maddy when she climbed up onto the swingset and was singing like it was her own little stage!! Even the dog has been hilarious as we have watched her check it out and try to get on the slide! We have been wanting a swingset since we moved in, but hadn't gotten one yet...a little pricey even for the really cheap ones! And our thrift store has had only one other swingset we have seen and by the time we went to get it, someone had already bought it! We were really bummed!
All our time in Chicago, we had to get the kids ready and pack up the stroller to go out to a park or playground. It was always such an ordeal! But now, it is so nice for the kids to be able to go right outside in the backyard and play until their hearts content while I clean up the kitchen or house and watch them from the windows!! And of course as the dog barks at them from the side yard!!
Thanks Grandma and Pops!

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