Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Thankful Tree

Well, I finally got on the Pinterest train!! I had heard so many bloggers talking about it and all the wonderful ideas they had gotten from it, and I thought I should check it out! I wouldn't say I am completely obsessed with it, as some are, but there are certainly great ideas for every interest you could possibly have! The above picture is one of the ideas I got! It is called The Thankful Tree and it comes from Simply Vintagegirl Blog.
It is simply some twigs put into a pretty vase, with some ribbon (or yarn if you don't have any ribbon) tied around it! It has been a fun activity for Madelynn and I each day as she picks one thing that she is thankful for! I cut out little leaves of different colors and hole-punch them, and then her or I will write the thing she is thankful for on the leaf! Then she gets to hang it! It is a little different on the blog, perhaps a little prettier, but I found that I liked the leaves better and it actually looks like a little fall tree now! And it makes a great Fall centerpiece!
Also, it has been a good way to get Maddy thinking about being thankful and taking the time to pick one thing each day that she is thankful that she has. It has gotten us talking about those who are less fortunate and how so many other kids don't have the things that she has. I hope it has made her more thankful!
Pinterest is basically a bunch of pictures taken from different blogs or websites that could create a good idea for you. Once you are signed up, you can pin different pictures to your own boards for future reference. You can even tag different websites that you are on if you would like to save an idea to your board on Pinterest! It's pretty fun! I have boards for homeschooling, Christmas decor, my style, kids activities, favorite recipes (of course!), etc. It is pretty fun to get these new ideas in a lot shorter time than looking up each of these things individually!
Try it out!

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