Thursday, December 23, 2010

Packing and More Packing

We are in the midst of our last few days of craziness!! Actually, as of now, we have 3 days left! We have guests in town back to back, mostly staying with us, lots of packing to do, Christmas parties, getting together with people before we go, and lots of goodbyes!! My parents, my grandparents, my best friend Liz, and Tad's 4 siblings are people who are all visiting us before we go! And in the midst of all of this, my kids have been sick nonstop. Sadly, Maddy has had to miss almost all of her "last" things - last 2 Cubbies (Awana), last Mom2Mom group, last week at church - I feel so bad! But she has been so miserably sick with colds, pink eye, and an ear infection, that she wasn't well enough to even go, let alone be around other kids and give it to them too. Judah has gotten everything after Maddy, pink eye (or some kind of eye infection), a nasty cold, and an ear infection! I feel like we have been at the doctor more than anything else!
And now that we are down to our last few days, with packing and Christmas quickly approaching, I'm thinking to myself, "what were we thinking of moving right after Christmas??" It's enough to pack, move, and say goodbyes, but to add a Christmas letter, Christmas baking, Christmas parties, and the works, it adds a load of stress!!! Though I have chosen to do a lot of stuff I maybe should have put on hold!
We are excited to move! We are counting down the days! I have started getting anxious though, as I say goodbye to good friends, realize the finality of our few days left, and anticipate a completely different lifestyle, especially as we will be living with Tad's family for a short time! This time is bittersweet. We have been ready to move on to another place for awhile. But Chicago has been our home for 8 years. We met here (at Moody Bible Institute), had our first place here, spent our first 5 years of marriage, and had 2 kiddos here. It's the only home "we" have ever known, as a little family.
As our time is winding down, we are grateful for good friends along the way. Some very thoughtful ladies from my old homegroup had a going away party for me, where they got a cake from Sweet Mandy B's, filled a huge gift bag with treats from Trader Joe's (an awesome store that isn't in Oklahoma at all!!! and I will greatly miss) for our long drive, and sent me off with many blessings.
I appreciate the people who have taken the time to come visit us at the end of our time here, to help us pack, watch the kids, and wish us well as we will be moving so far away. Some of our closest friends we will dearly miss, and are glad we got to see at the end of our time in Chicago.

Homegroup going away party
Beautiful cake from Sweet Mandy B's
My best friend from Chicago and her family
My dad and Maddy bonding
My dad and Judah bonding
My mom and Maddy working on Christmas cookies

So with a few more goodbyes, some more packing, 2 nights at the Ritz with our last comp nights, and Tad's 4 siblings coming, we are wrapping things up in Chicago!! This will probably be my last post before we move, though who knows, I may be able to get one more out before we leave!!! Hope your Christmas season is going well!!

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