Friday, December 31, 2010

Hello, Oklahoma!!!

Tad's family

Well, we're here in Oklahoma!!! It was a crazy last couple weeks, but we made it!! Our last couple weeks were filled with people visiting, getting together with our Chicago friends, and our kids being really sick!! Our last 2 nights we got to stay at the Ritz Carlton Hotel to use up Tad's comp nights that he gets with the Four Seasons. We got a double connected suite to share with Tad's 4 siblings. It was awesome!! Definitely a Christmas to remember!!
Though we will miss Chicago, our friends, our church, and our awesome city, we are excited to be here in Oklahoma. We are hoping it will be better for family life, and an added bonus to be near so much family!!
So with the start of the new year and the beginning of a new chapter in our lives comes the launch of Urban Momma...Gone Country!!! I hope to continue blogging about cooking, family life, updating pictures, and doing book reviews, but also adding posts concerning big family life (living with Tad's family), country living, life outside the city, and some new additions to the site, coming soon!!
I am looking forward to blogging about our life change from the big city to the big, wide open country!!
Happy New Year!!!

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