Monday, November 15, 2010

Pumpkin Farm and Halloween

We have had fun this last Fall season here in Chicago!! For Halloween this year, we decided we didn't really want to have our kids go out and trick-or-treat in the neighborhood like last year, with all the scary stuff and things that affected Maddy like bad dreams. So we planned to go to Moody Church for their annual Halloween party, this year called "Slime Time." So we dressed the kids up, Tad headed off to work, and I took the kids to Moody Church. It didn't seem like there were very many people there, and I ran into someone I knew and said, "Where is Slime Time?"
"Ohhhh, that was yesterday!! Do you want a cupcake??"
So, a small consolation prize for poor planning. Bummer! So I raced back to our apartment, threw the kids in the car, and headed to our church (New Life Community Church) and went to their outdoor Halloween time in the street! They had a bouncer, food, crafts, pictures, and lots of candy!!! We had fun! It was so cold, and we ended up leaving just to get warm!
The kids did go around in our building after dinner and knocked on people's doors and get some more candy. Even Judah would crawl up to a door, pull up to his knees, and bang on the door. So cute!

My little Tigger!!
He did have a little pink nose like Tigger, but the makeup quickly wore off!
Of course, Maddy is a Princess again this year!!

This one makes me laugh!! Judah does not look amused!
Attempt at Princess hair after a little accident involving the curling iron melting my running watch. Let's just say we didn't do curls!!
Walking to Moody Church!!
Finally at New Life! Judah just wanted to be out of my arms and down playing on the ground!
My little Princess in the bouncy thingy! That is the technical name I think!
Maddy and Trinity doing their little crafts and eating candy!
I just couldn't resist these "after" shots of my little Tigger with an orange face from his spaghetti!
Uhhh, this one makes me laugh too!

Another fun thing we did this Fall with our friend, Jess, is go to a really fun pumpkin farm called Goebberts. Not sure if that is how you spell it, for those Chicagoans, it is located in South Barrington. Anyways, it is so fun. This is the second time we've gone, and they have so much to do there!!

They have a huge shop, homemade everything (we love the homemade cider donuts!!), kettle corn popcorn, and on and on.
Tons of places to take pics of your little ones.
I think there is admission on the weekends, but during the week the admission is free, you just pay for the extras (petting zoo, bouncy thing, pony rides, camel rides, haunted house, hayrides). And this is a really busy place too, so I suggest you go on the weekdays!!

Maddy's first pony ride!!

One of the best things was feeding the giraffes little carrot sticks. They were laughing so hard and having such a blast, and he would even stick his long tongue out for you to give him one!! Jess and Maddy loved it!

They have the most exotic petting zoo I have ever seen. It's like going to the zoo and seeing the animals close up and getting to feed them. This year they had even more animals, in 3 different huge tents, and you could feed almost all of them.
This doesn't even need a caption. All I will say is: kids. were. screaming.
Hay maze.

Corn maze.
Cider donuts! Can't beat 'em!
I saved the best for last!!

Where else, besides Jerusalem, can you ride a camel?? Jess made me ride one the last time we were there, but this time, just her and Maddy went. They loved it!! Such a random experience!!

It's so nice to get out of the city and do some fun things out in the country! With a million other Chicagoans trying to do the same thing. LOL.

If you live in the city, what fun things do you do to get out of the city?
What fun kid things?

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