Friday, October 1, 2010

I could be a baby for a day

When you are a kid, you have no idea how much your mother invested into you when you were young. When you are a mom, you realize to a small degree, and really start appreciating your own mother. It is so tiring at times!! And a non-stop, all day long, all night long job!! The house always needs cleaned and picked up, the kitchen always needs work, the laundry always needs done, or folded, or put away, there is always something I could be cooking, or prepping, and I could always take a nap. I guess I'm not hiding the fact that I'm kinda burned out lately. So, I got to thinking. I could totally be a baby for a day. Or a week. Or, well, you get the picture.
When my baby boy gets up at 5am, I always know that he will go back down for a nap around 2 hours later. Well, I could go down for a nap 2 hours later too! But I have other things I need to do, and my daughter to take care of.
I could wake up when my tummy started rumblin'. Get put down to play until I'm hungry or tired. Be put down the second I feel tired and sick of playing. Not pick up anything or any mess I made. Cry for the pacifier and have it delivered to me. Cry when I wake up and be instantly picked up and cuddled until I'm fully awake.
I could be spoon fed, pushed around in the stroller to the park, put into the baby swing to laugh and relax and possibly fall asleep (which Judah did at one park recently!). I could take 3 naps a day, go to bed at 7 pm, and not pick up one toy, or my mess from dinner. Oh yeah, and a little de-stressing bath before bed might be nice, too. Just sayin.
So, as much as I love takin' care of my kids, I am worn out, and I'm not afraid to admit it. And I can't say I'm never jealous of the little baby I'm takin' care of, cuz really, he has it made!!
And I totally understand why every time my doorman sees Judah in the stroller, he says, "he has got the life!!"
No bills to pay, no chores, not a care in the world. Mission for the day: play. Accomplishment for the day: ate baby food. Favorite things in the world: sister, sleeping, toys. The End.
Ahhhhhh. The life of a baby!!

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  1. Aunt Jess is comin' to the rescue. ;) And she cannot wait!