Friday, April 16, 2010

Second Jobs, Springtime, and Ice Cream for Dinner

Is this what you usually think of when you think "second job?" Well, this isn't what I would think of either, but I'm not Tad. I usually wouldn't think of the things he conjures up. But when our family needed some extra income, for some reason, this is what he thought of. And for those of you who don't know, this is called a rickshaw. And it will only work in a big city, not some small town with dirt roads. You could try it, but you might get some stares. Tad gets stares too.

So, for his first day on the job, he worked the Cubs game, taking rowdy fans from the game to their car, a restaurant, or back into the city. That night, he came and got Maddy, Judah, and I and rode us to Moody Church, where Maddy had Cubbies that night (AWANA). She loved it!! She was telling random kids at the park that day that she was going to Cubbies in a Rickshaw. I'm sure they had no idea what she was talking about!

Usually, on Wednesday nights after we drop Maddy off, Tad and I have a date night. So he rode us up to some gardens by the zoo and dropped down a blanket and we had our date night, with Judah in tow!! It was so nice to talk and watch the sunset, and play with Judah!! I wore him in the front pack in the rickshaw, and it was nice to spend time just the three of us!! Welcome to date night, Judah!!

We then headed back to Moody Church and picked up Maddy (still wearing her Cubbies vest), and had a little joy ride before heading home where Tad dropped us off and then headed out for some more fares!! Only in Chicago!!

Our March and April have been uncharacteristically warm, and we have soaked up every minute!! We have started our days outside in the sun much earlier this year, and we are so thankful!! It was a long winter inside with 2 little ones, and we are enjoying the daily dose of fresh air and sunshine!! Tulips are springing up all around the city and this pic was taken right outside Borders on Michigan Avenue, by the Watertower (for those of you who know Chicago!!)

One night while Tad was at work, I decided to take the kids to Oz Park, and pack a dinner to have a picnic in between playing on the big wooden playground. I promised Maddy we would have ice cream for dessert!! Well when she had to go potty pretty early into her time at the playground, we headed over to Dairy Queen to use the restroom, but didn't want to go in and not buy something. So needless to say, we had ice cream before dinner, and it ended up being our dinner!!! A fun time for us!! Judah enjoyed it too, even though he didn't get any ice cream (though Maddy was insisting that he wanted some!!)

We LOVE Chicago in the Spring!!!


  1. Hey Steph. It's Anna, Stephanie Manning's sis. Just lettin' ya know I'm reading and enjoying. Tried the pizza recipe tonight!

  2. Awesome!! Isn't it good? Love it! How are you guys doing?