Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Easter 2010!!!

(Maddy and Judah, Easter Morning)

Does it get any cuter than this on Easter??? This mom of two says, "No!!!"

Easter baskets!!! Maddy was so excited about Tinkerbell and her candy, while Judah loves his new soft Easter bunny!!!

Maddy got to wander around the living room looking for both her and Judah's Easter baskets, as well as colored Easter eggs and plastic eggs filled with candy. She needed some extra obvious hints to find them all :)

Sipping her hot chocolate on the way home from a coffee shop in Chicago!

We made these Rice Krispie treat egg things dipped in chocolate and sprinkles. Emphasis on the chocolate.

Judah loving on his new bunny. He is so cute by the way!! His little laugh will make you melt!

(Emphasis on the chocolate!!!)

So pretty!!

Thanks for taking a picture journey through our Easter weekend!!! Hope you all had a glorious day and enjoyed the weather!!! It is fun beginning to show Maddy the meaning of Easter and talk through things with her. She is asking more and more questions, and she knew her verse from AWANA this week, "He is not here, he is risen!!" She is very excited about this, and says it with emphasis with her hands up in the air! The "Why did Jesus die?" questions are a little bit harder to put into 3 year old terms, but we are doing our best!!!

Hope the grandparents get to gander at this post! Their grandbabies are growing up so fast!!!

Happy Easter and Spring!!!

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