Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Everyone Needs a Best Friend

This is my best friend, Liz. Many of my friends here in Chicago don't know her because she is my friend from back home in Ohio. We met when we were 15 when she started going to the church I grew up in. She started in youth group, and that's where our friendship began. It was not, however, love at first sight. But after some minor misunderstandings to start off our friendship, we have been the best of friends ever since.

There really aren't words to describe our friendship. If you have a best friend, you know what I mean. You really just don't find a deep connection and bond to every friend that you have, even if you get along perfectly. We have been through thick and thin, good times and bad, exciting times, painful times, living far apart (like the last almost 8 yrs), different life choices, and different backgrounds. One phrase that has not left our friendship is, "I'm on your side." It became an inside joke, not that we always did the smartest things, or did the best thing in every situation, but that phrase always meant that no matter what you do, I'm always behind you.

We have worked at a coffee shop together, gone on vacation, visited each other in different states, stayed at the Ritz, been in youth group, gone on road trips, gone on double dates, gotten close to each other's families, stayed at a resort, babysat together, overheated someone else's car on a roadtrip, slapped some sense into each other, pleaded for advice, had each other's back.

Everyone needs a friend like this. In life, things change. But to have someone who always has your back no matter what the time or circumstance and who will always there - priceless.

If you looked at us now, you might say that we wouldn't be friends based on our circumstances and who we are as people. We are quite different- single and married, living in Ohio and Chicago, working and a stay at home mom, a nanny and a mom, from a big family and a small family, homeschooled and Christian school, etc. etc. etc. But there is nothing that will keep us from being best friends forever. And though that sounds cliche, it's true for us because nothing has been able to break our 12 year bond.

So Liz, I love ya, I'm so glad for all our crazy, fun times together, and excited to see how our lives continue to be different but merge together in our friendship. Thanks for a great trip this past week!!! Until next time!!!

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