Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Busy, Busy

Sorry I have been so absent lately from my blog; there is just so much going on right now! I don't feel too overwhelmed with the amount of things on my plate, it's more the emotional handling of all the things that are going on right now. It is interesting to see God's hand in the little details of life, and how He lines things up for us, and blesses us in tiny ways that only we can recognize as His hand. He keeps us steady. He hasn't forgotten about us. He is waiting for us to diligently seek Him. I often find myself thinking about how much I have to do, how full my plate is, or how I am going to get everything done. And in my devotional, it talks about how Jesus led a busy, full life when He was on earth. He had people who wanted his attention and company and He knew His mission and plan for being on the earth. And yet, He still got up early and sought that time away, by Himself, with the Lord. It's kind of a funny concept to think that He would need to do that, but what a huge statement for us and how connected we need to be to Him before we start our day. How can we go through our hectic day without Him?
I feel like I have gotten off track of a lot of things lately, and that's often how I roll. I will go from disciplined, to lacking in most areas of my life. And then I will realize that I need to get back on track and really apply some discipline. Areas like eating right, working out, spending time with God, my priorities, or how I spend my time. So I am trying to get my priorities back to where they should be, and apply some discipline. It's not easy, but I want to get back on track and feel more in control of my life, instead of just letting everything happen to me.
I am not one who enjoys spontaneity too much, or plans changing quickly, or sudden decisions being made that are out of my control. It's a control thing, I guess, and I should be able to go with the flow a little more often but I struggle with it. Lately, I think God is trying to see if I will trust Him as things change without my "permission." "I will hold you, I am already in control, all you have to do is trust Me," He says. It's hard. I want to hold tightly to those things that I feel are in my control. But really, nothing is in my control.
These are the times when we can either throw up our hands and give up, curl up in a ball and deny what is happening, or push through in faith, and choose to trust God even when you don't know what is happening, or what is going to happen. I hope I can push through in faith, and come out more than a conqueror through Him who gives me strength.
"His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness." 2 Peter 1:3

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