Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Workout Routine

Well, the holidays killed my weight loss plan. I know it's so hard for everyone to be disciplined during all those holiday parties and functions, with all those devilish goodies, cookies, and fatty meals. They are lovely, but they are deadly, too. I think I learned some valuable lessons from it all. Like, if you binge all holiday season, you will waste so much of the time you spent burning that fat off, and you will have to start over, and that is depressing. And, treating yourself to holiday food is okay, in moderation, but once you let yourself go and just binge everyday all day, making up for all those months you "couldn't have that stuff," it is a recipe for disaster. And also, when the new year finally rolls around, and you have the will-power to get your booty in gear, you will feel depressed looking at the "old you" in the mirror, the you that started out many months ago and lost weight.
So, here we are. I guess I didn't think I would erase so much of my hard work, but I learned that eating that junk will do harm very quickly. It also sent my gallbladder into "crazy mode" and started giving me attacks with too much fatty foods. I really wish I would have had the sense to at least be disciplined until those holiday functions, and then given myself some extra liberty to enjoy those foods, instead of just "taking the holiday season off." That was a bad idea. It wasn't my intention originally, but I just got so busy that I even stopped working out for a few weeks, trying to get caught up on all the Christmas duties.
I am excited that I have the discipline to lose this weight though. It has been tough, to try to break away from that "binging mode" that is so easy for me. I hate to admit that I am a binger, but I like to keep it real. I am an eater. And I don't know when to stop. It seems like I am either doing really good, or really bad. Before the Christmas break, I was in the habit of working out everyday during the kid's nap time. But then that changed because Ruth started waking up about an hour into her nap and I was afraid I was waking her up. And if I try to workout early in the morning, it wakes up the kids as well. Then I started to workout in the morning while the kids were awake, and that can be very distracting because they need me so many times during it, or are crawling around my legs while I am trying to do it!! So I started going to the Y a little before 6 in the morning, and one of my friends wanted to join me for accountability! So we go about 3-4 times a week. I cannot even tell you how great it is to get that workout done early, and without interruptions!!
I am slowly getting my groove back with logging all my food on My Fitness Pal, and trying to stay within my range. That is the hardest for me. I am in the habit of working out again. The Y in the morning, or I do a workout dvd the other days in the morning. But the biggest challenge for me is staying on track with my nutrition. The hardest thing for me is the events with food. It is so hard for me to say no. And when I'm feeling stressed, anxious, angry, overwhelmed, etc. I feel like I "deserve" those horrible snacks. Which is actually doing a disservice to myself.
I am so glad that I have my weight loss group on Facebook, because without those amazing ladies, I would be lost. I wouldn't have as much motivation to keep going. But with their daily motivational posts, encouragement, and just the friendships I have formed on there over the last 9 months, it inspires me to keep going. To start over. To keep making good choices, and not beat myself up for past failures. And it helps that they are believers and that the encouragement is also towards the things of God!! Such a blessing!!
So, what are your New Year weight loss goals? Are you maintaining, trying to lose that pesky holiday weight, or starting fresh, trying to lose weight for the first time? What are some helpful tips you could share that would help someone who is in the daily fight to be healthy and workout?
If you qualify for any of these, keep going!!! And feel free to post on here your successes, setbacks, advice, or encouragement!! And for pete's sake, read Made to Crave!!

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