Saturday, July 28, 2012

New Bible Study: True Woman 101

I am going to reference a blog that I reference all the time, called Passionate Homemaking, that is hosting an 8 week bible study called True Woman 101. When I saw that Lindsay was doing this bible study on her blog and posting weekly videos, I thought it would be a great way to keep up with a bible study and have something to work at getting done every week.
It is a really important bible study as our culture is losing its value and importance of different gender roles. You can see it everywhere you look. And the media pretty much shoves it down our throats that men and women can do the same things, have the same roles, that women can dominate over men, and that we can't be told what to do. I think that a lot of this comes from years and years of women being controlled and domineered over in a poor way, as men were not "leading" in a way that was in line with Scripture. So the result is women fighting back and trying to reestablish themselves as dominant. But as this bible study shows us, the design that God has for women is so much more important than what we do, how we view ourselves, or how we feel about our roles. It has everything to do with putting God on display, and using our specially designed roles to honor Him, and to show the world what a beautiful relationship between husband/wife, and Christ/church looks like.
If you are interested, you can check out her blog here and see her introduction of the bible study. We are currently on week three, but I am a little behind.
There are weekly blog posts for each week of the study, along with a video panel of the two authors and other godly women who discuss the study. And oddly enough, the girl who hosts the videos and writes some of the blog posts on the True Woman website was on my floor at Moody Bible Institute! So that is so fun to see her pop up on my computer and talk about the bible study I'm doing!! Go Paula!!
So if you would like to join me on this adventure of an awesome new bible study, just leave a comment so I know you are on board! It's okay that we are on week three already. I'm a little behind too, and you can always catch up at with the videos and blogs or go to and catch up with Lindsay's church as they lead the bible study and discussions there!
Either way, it has already been an excellent bible study and I highly recommend it for you women who want to reclaim biblical womanhood to further the kingdom. It is so awesome how God fashioned us for a specific purpose that goes way beyond what we could ever think or imagine! I have been amazed at God's wisdom! So come on board if you are looking for a new bible study to challenge you!

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