Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Ride

We have been a one car family since we got married. We lived in Chicago for 8 years total including school and then when we got married. We almost always lived downtown so we didn't need a second car. We lived close to Tad's work and so he would jog, bike, or skateboard to work!! We rarely used the car ourselves. We could walk almost anywhere. We walked to the playgrounds, the store, the bank, the lake, the mall, the coffee shop, etc. It is a walking city!
When we moved to Oklahoma, we quickly realized we needed a second vehicle but really didn't have the money for one. Tad started riding his bicycle to work, which was about 6-7 miles. He liked it at first, but it was a hot summer last year, and he rode his bike most of it. Once we started school, he has driven the car most of the year because we didn't need the car in the mornings while we were doing school. But we often rely on Tad's family who lived in the same town for rides when the other one needs the car. His friend at work was trying to sell his motorcycle, and Tad was looking around town for one. He ended up getting a really good deal on a Suzuki Intruder. It is a cruiser! He just got it yesterday and he is so excited!! It will take some getting used to as he hasn't ridden an actual motorcycle before. Before yesterday that is. He was cruising around the neighborhood trying it out!
So we officially have 2 vehicles. Of course the motorcycle doesn't really transport the family around, but it will be nice to have our Pacifica this summer so we can run around town in the mornings before naps! And Tad will have a blast riding to work and wherever else, and not have to always ask for rides to get places!!
Several guys have said they wish their wives would let them get one, or want me to convince their wives to let them get one. But we have laughed at that and said the reason I have been so for it is because it is actually a lot safer than him riding his bicycle on high-speed limit streets. So while it is more dangerous switching from a car to a motorcycle, it is safer for Tad because he is upgrading from a bicycle to a motorcycle!! LOL!


  1. Congrats on the new ride! My husband also has a motorcycle. For many years it was our second "car." He really loves riding and still does in order to save on gas money.

  2. So glad for Tad that he got this new toy! :)