Saturday, June 16, 2012


 We are finally done with school!! It feels so good to have those 180 days of kindergarten under our belt!! The year went so well, and I am so pleased with Madelynn's progress! She is reading well, counting to over 100, knows so much more about our world than when she started the year, and knows a lot of states/capitals!! I am so proud of her!!
Maddy playing doctor at Leonardos!
Next year will be quite the journey! I have already mentioned that we will be doing Classical Conversations. Well, I was just offered the position of being the first grade tutor (which is the teacher of the class, though they call it the tutor.) I will have to go to a 3 day practicum in another city and begin preparing how I will present the material to the class! Pray for me!! I have never learned Latin, and this kind of teaching of different subjects will be different than anything I have done in the past. Though I am excited because it is definitely out of my comfort zone, and the training and teaching will help me be a better teacher to my kids!! I am looking forward to this next year!!
But for now, I am excited about summer! Now that we are done with our schoolwork, I have so many summer projects to tackle!! Not to mention the extra time we now have to play, get out in the mornings, hang out with friends more, and relax. I am hoping that by the Fall, Ruth will be on more of a solid schedule, and I will also be doing a little bit of preschool with Judah. He seems ahead of the game, and is already picking up so much from Maddy and from hearing us do school!
Judah was finally big enough to wear bowling shoes!!
We also just got a set of books that I am excited to use! The first set we got is for littles and has bright colors, fun pictures, and teaches them words in English/Spanish so I hope to use that with Maddy and Judah in the Fall and a little bit this summer! I plan to go through Maddy's desk, school papers, books from this year, books/magazines about homeschooling, and books for next year and get going on her lesson plans for next year! Of course, I have the whole summer to do this!! I planned on doing so much of this last summer and then I was pregnant and super sick and barely got Maddy's lesson plans done in time for school to start! So I look forward to doing it this summer!
We will also be reviewing different topics throughout the summer to refresh Maddy's memory, especially her reading/spelling material so she doesn't lose it!! Any tips for a new homeschooling mom of an almost first grader is appreciated!! I am still new on this journey!!
She is three months already!!

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