Thursday, February 9, 2012

Try New Adventures: Goats, Snakes, and More!!

We've been busy doing some pretty random things lately!! One of the fun things we got to do is go out to Tad's Uncle and Aunt's farm where they have goats who have had lots of babies!! When we went, they had about 26 baby goats!! Of course, the kids loved getting to hold them, pet them, and chase after them!! Pictured above are my two sister-in-laws holding baby goats!!
Their chickens laid eggs and each of the girls got one, although we ended up leaving them there for fear they would break in the car on the way home!!
They were like little puppies!!! Judah got such a kick out of them!! Grandma was helping him hold one!

Maddy was pretty good about chasing the goats and getting one that she could hold. She got to help Judah pet one!! She held about every baby goat I think!! She is an animal lover!!
Momma and baby goats!! They were fun to watch!!
They got a big, new dog!! It was bigger than Judah!! It just followed us wherever we went on the farm.

Maddy just loved it! This is her in her element! She has always loved anything involving animals!! Which reminds me of her "Aunt Jess" who loves animals as much as her!!
At our local art and science museum called Leonardo's, Judah got to pet a lot of their animals that they had in cages and aquariums. He loved it! Maddy has homeschool classes there, so Judah and I get to play at the museum during that time. He would pet it quickly and then say "in there!" and point to its' cage! Especially with the snake!!

They have lots of fun dress-up stuff there! Maddy got to come down and play after her classes!! I can't believe how big she is getting! And yes, you have to hear me keep saying it!!

The kids after bath time in their robes. They are such goofballs! And they love getting their picture taken together! These next few are just random pictures that I wanted to share!! They aren't particularly related!!

Daddy and Judah at the library in their cute kid's section!
Daddy and the kids feeding ducks at the park! Don't let Tad's attire fool you, it was actually quite chilly! He just doesn't really like to wear a coat! Below are the kids at the playground!!
Maddy and her tea parties! Sometime I should post pics of her when she was littler and using the same table and stuffed animals for a tea party!!
Judah at Grandma's house for game night. He was too little to play the games we were playing, but these dominoes kept him occupied for awhile!!

And the new baby! Just a few short weeks and we will be meeting our precious new addition to the family!! Her name will be Ruth ____ Davis! Any suggestions for a middle name?? I'm worried we won't pick one until the day of!! There are lots of names in the running!!

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  1. What fun adventures! You look great, too!
    Love the picture of your daughter having a tea sweet. :)

  2. AGH! I LOVE this--I wanted to be with Maddy holding the animals. :) Glad she loves it like I do. You look amazing btw...Ella and I are sitting here reading your blog together, and so excited for you to have Ruth....I cannot wait!! We must skype when you get home with her. I love you dearly!!

  3. What a great week! I love the baby goat pics. Super cute!