Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Waiting Game

Well, at this point I have 2 days until my due date. I can't tell you how impatient I have been lately!! I know it sounds ridiculous. I know it will eventually happen. I know it's coming. I know I'm closer than ever. But by this point I had already had my other 2 kids. Maddy was 5 days early and Judah was 3 days early, so by now I thought I would have my sweet baby in my arms. I guess I wasn't mentally prepared to be doing all the "planned" stuff we had for this week, I figured someone would be taking my kids to them. I didn't think I would still be trying to pick up the house and have everything in order for when the time came for us to leave for the hospital. I didn't think that morning after morning after morning I would still be waking up and going about my day instead of to the hospital. Yesterday I was in the hospital with headaches that wouldn't go away, and since they thought it might be high blood pressure, they wanted me to go in. I didn't think they would send me home, being so close to my due date. But alas, once all the tests came back normal, they sent me home. All our stuff was packed and in the car. But we are home again!! Still waiting. I know I should be thankful and grateful that my babies stay in for so long. Some women aren't so fortunate, and their babies are fighting for their lives, or for their health and stability. So I don't want to sound ungrateful. I know it's a blessing that Ruth is developed and that her lungs are ready to function on their own. I am just so ready to not be pregnant and to have my precious baby! This morning I have had a pretty intense crampy feeling so I'm not sure what that means. Maybe a baby today?? Or maybe not?? We shall see!!


  1. Hang in there! She'll be here before you know it!!! Well, I guess labor will prevent that from literally happening, but anyway... :)

  2. Waiting can be so hard! I remember being so ready to see Joseph, especially at the end. It's like "Come on already!". Praying that all goes smoothly and that your sweet little girl is here soon!

  3. So so... baby yet?? Update soon! :)