Thursday, February 16, 2012

11 Days and Counting

I know, I know, could I get any bigger??

Well, we are down to 11 days!! The baby could come any day now!! I am so ready to not be pregnant anymore!! It's weird thinking about going from the woes of pregnancy to the woes of recovering after labor and delivery!! My first 2 labors were quite traumatic, with recoveries involving a broken tailbone with Maddy and spinal headaches for a week with Judah. Not to mention gall stones after each birth and a possible removal of my gallbladder after this baby if the same problem arises.
But I would much rather not be pregnant, be holding my precious baby girl in my arms, and maybe (hopefully not!) dealing with some issues from labor!! It is so weird being in the "waiting game" phase of pregnancy. Tad asks me every day if we are going to have a baby tonight! I didn't really feel ready, but last night I finally did! I had the house all cleaned, chores done, errands ran, things done, and the baby still didn't come! Didn't she know I was ready? And tired? And DONE???
Anyways, we are still plugging away getting school done with Maddy, doing regularly scheduled activities as planned, and just waiting with our bags packed and ready to go! Minus the last minute stuff I need to add! Praying for a smooth labor and delivery and a healthy baby girl! And no, we have not picked that middle name yet!!


  1. I was so DONE at the end with Joseph. I was willing to take the post delivery recovery and baby induced sleepless nights to not being pregnant any more. :)

  2. Oh wow! You are SO CLOSE! How exciting!!

  3. Alison is a great middle name! You look so good! Even at more than 9 months pregnant! Praying for you!