Tuesday, May 3, 2011

10 Things To Do with Kids on a Rainy Day

We have had several days of cool, rainy weather lately. It has been getting a little stressful in the house having 2 kiddos with lots of energy, and without the option of going outside like we usually have, I feel like I'm going crazy!! So, with a little brainstorming, I came up with 10 fun options to keep the kids occupied on days such as these:

  1. Make a tent for them. Use chairs, drape a blanket over the dining room table, or find objects to make a little area for them. Put a lamp in it, give them flashlights and toys, and they will be entertained for awhile!!
  2. Make flubber: Click here for the link!!
  3. Get in the kitchen! Make something that is easy, fun, and teaches them some new skills in the kitchen! Try this website - Weelicious.com. It is an awesome website for kid-friendly recipes that are fast, easy and fresh and also recipes that will get your kids in the kitchen to help you cook!! I plan on making this recipe for mini-sweet potato muffins soon.
  4. Watch a movie with them. Instead of just putting a movie on to entertain them, set up tons of blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals and cuddle together while you watch their favorite movie/show.
  5. Watch the rain. When I was little, I will always remember sitting on our back patio in my little lawn chair with my dad while watching the rainstorm. Help your kids to not be afraid of the storm by explaining it, maybe in a funny way, and watch in amazement of God's creation. Get them to enjoy it instead of fear it!!
  6. Take more time to read books. For us, we read before nap time and bedtime. But if you are stuck inside, get a stack of library books and read more than one in a sitting. I guarantee it will be very special to them.
  7. Get in your closet. Not theirs. Yours. Pull out some of your clothing (or your husband's), accessories, shoes, and play dress up with your kids. Don't get sidetracked and start cleaning it!!
  8. Create a scavenger hunt for them with any kind of object. You can use spoons, pennies, clothespins, Easter eggs, cups, blocks, Barbies, whatever you have on hand!! Give them a bag/basket and send them looking!!
  9. Get artsy. Give them paper bags, cardstock, stickers, markers, crayons, paint, magazines, kid scissors, etc. and tell them to create something wonderful. Let their imaginations run wild!
  10. Set up an obstacle course to get out their energy inside!! Have them do jumping jacks, then run across the room, spin around, run to their room and gather 3 things, come back out and give hugs, run to the kitchen and find one item, etc. Just make it fun!! Put on some music, tell them you're gonna time them, and have a blast!!
A lot of times, my creativity just runs out. Or I don't even think to be creative, I'm just running around the house trying to clean and the kids are fussing, bored, and have excess energy. Especially when they are stuck in the house, they want more of mommy. More attention, more entertainment, more options for things to do. It can be draining. Some of the above things we can do with our kids, and some we can let them do while we get some stuff done, like playing in the tent, playing dress up (after we play for awhile), looking at books (after we have read some), doing an art project, and even the scavenger hunt!!
We have to know what works for our little ones, what will hold their attention, and what will mean the most to them. I would love to know some of your creative ideas to keep your kids entertained while stuck in the house!! I'm sure others would like to know as well! Leave a comment if you have some good ideas!!


  1. I LOVE this! Great ideas. :) Just wishin' I was snuggling amidst lots of blankets and animals with those little ones right now watching a movie. Love ya!

  2. thanks for the ideas! the scavenger hunt idea reminded me of something my mom used to do...marshmallow hunts! she would send me to my room for a few minutes while she hid mini marshmallows throughout a room, then she would give me a dixie cup and have me search for them. when i was all done, she'd count to make sure that i found them all, then i could eat them. :) i still remember those...i loved them!

  3. Alyssa,
    That's a great idea!! I have marshmallows on hand right now, and Maddy and Judah love them!! I'll have to try that one out!!

  4. FUN!

    Posts like this make me wish I had kiddos already so I could do fun stuff like this with them. But then there's nothing stopping Christopher and I from doing this on our own... ;)

  5. Rach,
    So true!! Why not be creative with the hubby and do a little romantic scavenger hunt or relaxing tent? Could be fun :)

  6. Stephanie, thanks so much for stopping by Life for Dessert! I love the flubber idea above! My son would have a fit with that stuff...and then we can watch The Nutty Professor! (isn't that what it was from?!) Good luck on your plane ride! Be sure to pack lots of snacks, don't take red juice lest you spray the woman in front of you, and pray for really nice helpful people sitting around you! Just think...whatever happens, you'll at least have a memory of some kind out of it!

  7. Those are great ideas! I'll keep them in mind for rainy days down the road.