Monday, January 10, 2011

Top 10 New Country Experiences

Maddy, in the Wichita Mountains.

It's been a fun first 2 weeks living down here in Enid, Oklahoma!! Life is definitely different down here: the pace of life, the people, the atmosphere!! Seeing stars at night, tons of flat land as far as you can see, and finally being able to see the sunrise and sunset!! Love it!! Although we are in Oklahoma now, I'm just an observer, I don't feel like a true Okie yet!!
There is an Airforce Base here in Enid, which is where Tad's dad works, so it is a big military community. So when I meet new moms, I usually get asked, "are you Airforce?" Different from the usual Chicago question, "Where are you from?" since no one is actually from Chicago, and most people are just passing through.

We have gotten to do some fun things! We have visited 2 different churches, gotten library cards, went to a story time for Maddy, a baby time for Judah, went hiking in the Wichita Mountains, went to MOPS, have started back up doing homeschool, have been working out at the YMCA, and have unpacked and organized our area of Tad's parents house!
Breathtaking view from the top of Mount Scott.

So, without further adieu, here are some new things I've learned about the country:

10. People wearing tight jeans and cowboy boots to church.
9. All the worship songs were the country version (at one church).
8. Playing outside in a sweatshirt in January! 67 degrees one day, 7 degrees a few days later!
7. 75 mph speed limits! No "rush hour."
6. Cows. Everywhere.
5. Oklahoma accents.
4. Not very many stores to shop at. One lady at church said, "We all shop at Walmart and we all wear the same maternity clothes." Thanks for that.
3. All the major dealerships just have lots of big trucks on the lot.
2. The radio stations as I flip through in my car are as follows: country, country, country, Christian, country, country, country, Christian, country. I love it!
1. Brisket, sweet tea, venison cooked over the fire, and fried okra. Amen.
One tired little hiker.

I know I will get used to it down here, but for now, it remains a foreign-land!! We are having a blast though, excited about what our life will be like down here, and so glad that Tad got hired at Advance Foods!! As long as he passes his 3 physical tests this week, he has the job!! Praise the Lord!!

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Have a great week!

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  1. Look at you-you Oklahomian! ;) LOL! It all looks lovely-the comment on maternity clothes from Wallys is crackin' me up! Did you put that in there because you want to tell us something? hah! Yay for the new job for Tad! What will he be doing? Love ya girlie!