Sunday, January 16, 2011

Things I will miss in Chicago vs. Things I will not miss in Chicago

Things I will miss in Chicago:

Museums (especially the free days and free passes)

Always stuff to do

Living less than a mile from the lake (beach days in the summer)

the shopping

the unique restaurants and food places (Baba's Palace, Berry Chill, Panang, Table 52, Xoco, Fresh Choice, Oven Grinder, Oak Tree, the Counter)

the Skyline

walking to cool free city events (holiday lighting and parade, Jay Pritzker Pavilion (outdoor concerts), Navy Pier, Music festivals, fireworks, Taste of Chicago)

fun parks and playgrounds in the city

not having to drive too much

tons of options for everything (restaurants, parks, museums)

Lincoln Park zoo within walking distance

Magnificient Mile

Millenium Park

Old Town

Lots of people out all the time

Trader Joe's

Treasure Island

Chicago Park District Programs

Starbucks on every corner

long hours everywhere (grocery stores, coffee shops, etc.)

staying at the Ritz Carlton with Tad's comp nights!!

long family walks through the city

baseball games


Chicago marathon going right by our apartment

Tons of houseguests since so many people passed through Chicago on business or other reasons

New Life Community Church

Moody Church

Moody Bible Institute

Things I won't miss in Chicago:

a tiny apartment

the TRAFFIC that consumes half of your life

limited grass and yards

everything is expensive!!!

the fast pace

big city light outside our bedroom window

no extended family

city stickers!!!

parking tickets

limited parking

parking meters (basically everything parking!)

never ending sirens

long winters

high gas prices

hard on family life

not being able to have a dog

No view of the sunrise/sunset

No doubt, we loved our time in Chicago. Writing this post made me miss Chicago even more, since it took time to think back through memories and the fun things we did in the city. Especially the things we can't do here in the country. But we are excited about the fun things we couldn't do in the city. The things about country life that will make our family life easier, fun, and will allow us a little more space and ease that city life made difficult. You'll be able to read out our new adventures here!! Stay tuned!!

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