Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Perfect Saturday Morning in the City

On this particular Saturday morning, I wanted to get out. At this stage in Judah's little life, it just works better for us to stay home for his morning nap so that he can get a good solid 2 hours or so, and he just doesn't get that when we are out and about. But I do miss getting out in the mornings for some kind of outing with the kids. Since Tad was home this Saturday morning, I decided to take Maddy out for a little time together, to be back when Judah woke up!! I took her out in the jogging stroller and I got to take a little jog on the way to one of our favorite playgrounds near us!! We have little pet names for all the playgrounds near us, and we call this one the "nanny park" because you won't find too many parents with their kids there!! Just nannies and kids! It's close to the lake, at less than a mile away from our house. We love it!!

Yes, it's a city park, yes it is gated and surrounded by tall buildings. But that's city life. We are fortunate to have little nooks like this in the city to play in.
On a weekend, though, you will find more parents with their kids since they are off on the weekends. Well, some of them.
Being crazy on the swing!!
I think this was right before she took a flying leap onto the swing, and missed, and landed face down in the wet pavement. She cried, shook it off, got a hug from mom, and just got back to playing!!
Look at the CAMERA!!

She is such a climber!!
Goodbye, park. Now off to the market!! One of my favorite summer things in the city is the Green City Market!! There is one right on our street on Saturday mornings, so we just walk down the street, and there it is!! Sometimes we buy, sometimes we just stroll through, and sometimes we just walk through on our way to the nanny park.
We love the little stands; the tent to the left sells awesome homemade hummus, which we love, and we love some of the jarred homemade sauces, the grilled jalapeno cheese, the fresh bread, foccacia, herb plants...the list goes on. You just can't beat fresh stuff from the market!! Local, fresh product right at your doorstep!
These beautiful hanging baskets always catch my eye, but I would rather spend $25 on something else, thank you very much. In fact, I once saw hanging flower baskets on sale at Aldi's for $.99. Not. joking.
But I will just stop and admire.
Beautiful fresh basil!! My potted basil just died, so this fresh stuff is looking more and more tempting, but for now, it will just look nice in my pictures.

I wish I had more pictures of that morning, but this is all for now. Thanks, Maddy for a fun morning!!

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