Friday, June 18, 2010

Ohio Trip

What a trip!! The kids and I went on a trip to Ohio to see my family, celebrate birthdays, and to watch my sister Briana's senior voice recital at Cleveland State. While we were there we worked on a Father's Day project for Tad, and it was interesting to say the least! But it turned out really nice!
We had to make sure we found WASHABLE paints, and instead of doing Judah's handprint, we had to do his foot since it was easier!! We had fun! Thanks for helping, Dad!
Handprint!! Maddy loved it!
The girls decided to dance on the stage at Briana's recital!
A pic of the family, and my sister's husbands family. They have two kids, Arianna (6) and Gabe (20 months). So my parents have 4 crazy grandchildren.
She did 41 minutes of music, including pieces in French, German, and Italian. It was amazing!! I was so proud of her!! And she even had to dodge the interruptions from her son yelling, "Mommy!" She will graduate from Cleveland State with a degree in Music Therapy, and will be moving to Colorado in August with her family and will continue her internship there.
My friend Jess was visiting her Aunt in Ohio, so we got to see her twice while we were in Ohio. She was nice enough to come to my sister's recital, and she ended up watching the kids outside so everyone could watch in peace. Thanks Jess!
Birthday dinner at Grandma's and Boopa's (Grandpa) house. Maddy enjoyed pulling brother in the wagon.
We also got to see Arianna's violin recital. After a few tears, she got up there and did a great job with her little group, the Twinklers!! Good job, Arianna!
An Ohio favorite: the Tearoom. Compliments of Grandma. The girls love it!! Poor Boopa! Tad has been once, and he does not want to go back. Lots of teacups, lace, and flowers. The girls get pink lemonade in a teapot and pour it into a little teacup, and Madelynn adds cubes of sugar for extra sweetness :)
The girls and their pink lemonade!!
Me and Boopa! He is so cute!! And always gets dragged to the Tea room!!
Grandma with her four great-grandchildren!!
Nana and Grandma.
Arianna, Boopa, and Briana.
Yummy iced tea!!
My little girl! This was the first time she really enjoyed the tea room as a little girl instead of running all over and acting bored.

We went over to the Dawson's house, they have 5 kids, 4 and under, and the kids got to play in the sprinkler, ride the Barbie car around, jump on the trampoline, ride the golf cart into the woods and get sticks for the fire, and play with lots of toys. Maddy had a blast!
This is their youngest, 8 week old Olivia. Judah looks huge compared to her!!
Judah and Gabe jammin' on the keyboard!
Such a woman driver. She would drive this thing and if she ran into something, she would keep her foot on the gas, like that was going to somehow accomplish something. We would say, "Maddy put it in reverse!!!" We were at a very nice house where Liz nannies for a little boy, so running into the house and the landscaping was not a great idea. But she had fun!
Maddy LOVES to spend time with Judah in the crib. She sings to him, plays with him, and cuddles him when he wakes up.
Papa reading her bedtime story.
The girls playing in the sandbox at Arianna's house.
Thanks for visiting, Jess!!
Playing at the playground at my parent's apartment complex.
Great friends!!

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted anything. I have been so busy, and we have so many trips planned this summer!! Stay tuned for more summer posts, recipes, and updates on our travels!! As always, I love hearing from anyone who is reading!!


  1. Love it, and LOVED spending time with you. I love ya girl. And the pic of you and Momes....holy moly! She looks so grown-up in that pic! I can't believe she's gonna be 4.

    Love you!

  2. I loved reading what you're up to. Your kids are getting so big... it's crazy how fast they grow up isn't it?