Saturday, March 27, 2010

Winter Suffocation

Our family loves to get outside. Any chance we get, we go out for walks, go to playgrounds, jog (occasionally), go to the beach (in the summertime :) ), go for walks, go for walks, go for walks...

So in the winter, we suffocate. Our lives are totally different in the summer vs. in the winter. I wouldn't be as much of an outdoors person were it not for my husband, but after being with him for so long, I have come to love the outdoors, and crave it.

In the summer, I take Maddy to the playground almost every single day. The sun is out, it's warm, and we crave the fresh air. We pretty much go home to each lunch and take naps, and then we go back out. It's hard to get housework done because I don't want to be stuck in the house cleaning, I want to be outside enjoying the sun with my daughter.

Then comes the winter. Now, winter is one thing when you don't have kids. But when you live in a big city in a little apartment with a crazy 3 year old person with tons of energy, it's enough to drive you crazy!!! It's soooo different. We go from being outside every day, to not at all. We have limited "running" room. We take Maddy out into the hallways of our apartment building to run out her energy. This past winter, we started taking her downstairs with her Barbie tricycle and having her ride around. I even encouraged her to do a mini "triathalon" and run some laps, ride her bike, and pretend to swim. Tad would regularly take her and they would do the stairs up our 9 story building and then take the elevator down to our 2nd floor. This is truly city living at its finest.

And now that she is getting older, she is asking, "Is it summer? Do I have to wear my coat? Can we go swimming?" And how do you explain the seasons to a 3 year old who is just dying to run and run and run??? You can't.

It must be so different to have a big house for your toddler to run in. Or a backyard to let them run around in in the summer. Every bit of getting Maddy's energy out is a concerted effort on our part to get out of the apartment and make her run!!!

So my plea is this: Springtime, hurry up and come. My daughter is ready for you, we need the sunshine, and we are going crazy in this apartment!!!
the crazy northern city dwellers

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  1. Lovin' the pic and totally understand what you mean. ugh...I love and miss you all SOOOO stinkin' much!