Monday, March 15, 2010

Staying at Home

It's interesting being a stay at home mom. It's so much different than anything I have ever done. I have always been on my own, meaning, that I had my "own life" and came and went and did whatever I wanted to do. Now, my life revolves around two precious little people, and hardly around what I am doing for me. When I first became a mother 3 1/2 years ago (already!!) it really occurred to me that I had lost my freedom. Now I am used to walking out the door with a diaper bag and usually someone fussing about something, usually Madelynn not wanting to zip up her coat, or take the stairs, or wanting a teddy bear, or something dramatic!!!

Sometimes being a stay at home mom can be lonely, and I turn on the tv just to hear noise and to feel like I have some company. It's weird not going to work and getting a paycheck, and it's weird that my job is a 24/7 kind of job. Everything else I have ever done had an ending time (although all-nighters writing college papers didn't always feel like they had an ending time.) Some people don't realize the extreme amount of work it is to be a stay at home parent. It is a big job and that's why I love when someone said they are the CEO of their household.

I am convinced there are certain things you wouldn't learn unless you had kids. You just don't learn to put yourself aside and really focus on someone else until you are FORCED to!! You don't really have a choice but to completely focus on your kids because they need your 100 % attention and I am reminded of this again with the birth of our second, Judah.

So in closing this post, I will just say that being a stay at home mom, and just a mother in general, is one of the best if not the best thing in life so far. So rewarding and amazing and I am just glad that God has called me to this. I am enjoying this season in life!!! More on this topic in the future!!!


  1. You are SO right in all you say here. Esp the 24/7. Even at night you're on call. As I reflect back I would not have had it any other way. It was the busiest but richest part of my life, and it continues as my children still need me, but in a different way. So happy to see you totally appreciate being a mom.

  2. Yay for a blog!! I'm so excited you have this....I tried to become a follower tonight, but it wouldn't work....some internet issue. I'll try again in the am, but I did add you to my link list. (and that makes me smile!)

    Love you!

    I can't WAIT to be a SAHM. Hopefully one day...and sooner that later. :)