Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Happenings

Well, since life was so crazy around the time of our move, I'm going back and showing you some fun things we did before we left!! It was busy with all the Christmas stuff going on while we were packing our stuff in boxes and getting together with people, but we had fun!!!

We made sugar cookies, Russian tea cakes, gingerbread men, and chocolate mint fudge!! Yes, I am crazy to make all those cookies 2 weeks before our move!!
Maddy and Judah playing amidst the clutter of packing!!
We delivered cookies and Christmas cards to our neighbors, doormen, office ladies, security guards, and apartment workers for the last time!! We were so blessed to live at the Atrium Village for over 4 years!!!
Maddy, all dressed up before the Atrium Village (our apartment building) Christmas party!!
Maddy's time with Santa!
Having a little chat.
She came away with a Barbie, stuffed animal, and a tube of tootsie rolls!!
The Four Season's kids Christmas party!! Judah was soooo sick! Poor guy!

A blurry pic of me and the kids in the Four Season's hotel lobby.
Inside the party, there were little stations for kids to do stuff. Here, Maddy is working on coloring and making a craft.
A little dance floor for dancing and tables set up for eating the yummy gourmet kid food!
Little stage where Santa would arrive!
First, Judah curiously looked up at Santa, but after that, it was screaming and complete fright. Maddy liked him though!!
He was so miserable at the party, and didn't feel good. This is the happiest he got, I think. He loved his little Capri Sun juicebox!!
Daddy was working, but he got to come up for a little bit and see the kids at the party!!
Poor Judah!!
Maddy patiently waited in line for this artwork on her face!!
My best friend in Chicago, Emily's twins and Judah. About 3 months apart.
Judah and Wil.
Maddy, Gwen, and Wil.

We had a packed, full, busy last couple weeks, but they were fun!! I'm so glad we got to do the parties, even though we were sick, and see our friends and neighbors!! We miss you all, already!!

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