Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Book Review: Calm My Anxious Heart

I just finished reading through this book and doing a 12 week bible study with my church homegroup. Wow! What an amazing book! Everyone in the group was saying how this book came at just the right time in their lives, and that it was a book they would refer back to and read again and again. It is one of those books that would have something new to say to you at any different stage in your life.
To sum this book up, it is a book about finding true contentment in our lives. As women, we tend to be plagued with worry, consumed by fear, and unwilling to trust God in certain areas of our lives. We can struggle with control issues, playing games with God, and thinking we are actually in some kind of control of our lives! Wrong!!
A really great analogy she gave is that we are strapped into our carseat with our hands on our little play steering wheel, actually thinking that we are driving the car, when in reality, God is in control and we can rest in the backseat, assured he will get us to our destination. I know it can be so difficult to take our struggles and hold them tightly in our hands, thinking that we can somehow change our circumstances with a little more worry. But, she writes in her book that nothing has been documented to prove that worrying changes anything!! Isn't that an amazing revelation? I know!!
This book deals with being content in our roles, circumstances, ourselves, relationships, and with money, and also deals with worry, our what-ifs, and why's. There are so many pertinent issues in this book, and things we must deal with as women if we desire to walk with full confidence in the Lord, who is the Blessed Controller of all things, which is a main theme of the book.
If you have the time, I would really encourage you to read this book!! You will not regret it! If you have time to do the 12 week bible study that is located at the end of the book, it would be a great way to spend daily time with the Lord. I loved my time in the mornings with God and this bible study!
If you would like to purchase this book from Amazon, here is the link. Add it to your book list for the year!! Use it as your daily devotional!! Let me know what you think!!


  1. I totally have this book, and was going to begin reading it when I got back from my trip. Now I'll definitely have to. Love ya girlie! Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. I read this book on my way to Moody for the first time. The entire 4 hour plane ride I couldn't put it down & I finished it shortly after my first week at school. I remember it speaking so powerfully to me & I'm reminded to go back & read it again after reading your thoughts on it! So glad you read it and enjoyed it too! Thanks for the reminder! Hope you guys are loving the country! I'm not gonna lie- I'm a little bit jealous! :)