Thursday, March 7, 2013

Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Week 19

Well, if you are wondering why we had a couple of weeks off, we had a normal day off for President's Day and then we had a snow day. Our town was pretty buried with snow and a lot of the town lost power! But maybe it was a good thing we had that snow day. It allowed me to be extra prepared for the week we just had since we were out of town for 5 days and came back late the night before CC!
We had lots of fun stuff planned for Week 19! And I had lots of helpful parents in my class this week! God bless them! It really helps the class go smooth when you have active, willing parents who jump right in there! I'm thankful for them!
So, here's what we did for week 19:

Week 19

Timeline: Learned new hand motions and sand with the Timeline song

History Sentence: Learned new hand motions to go along with sentence, sang with the song

Geography: Used passports with passport stamps, colored in areas of the 13 colonies

Science Project: (We made Borax crystals this week for our Science Project, so while they were gluing their passport stamps, we started a solution of hot water (1 cup) with Borax (3 Tablespoons, I believe) so they could look at it about an hour later at Science time. We also had one that had been forming crystals for about 1 day so they could compare the two.

Science: Found some great CC printables on this website and the kids cut out the different ocean zone sections, glued them onto construction paper, glued their labels on, and then if they had time they drew some oceanlife into the different zones. I also printed out the submarine and put it on some cardboard with a craft stick so they could pretend the submarine was going lower and lower.

Latin: Printed a worksheet of noun endings for 3rd declension and put them into page protectors. They traced the noun endings while listening to the song and then we sang the song while they pointed to each noun ending.

Math: We sang a song to the tune of "the wheels on the bus" for "the area of a circle equals pie R squared, pie R squared, pie R squared, the area of a circle equals pie R squared, for all circles."

English: Had them repeat the 3 new helping verbs over and over, then one at a time they each said the 3 of them. Wrote them on a whiteboard and erased one at a time, but they all knew them anyways. Reviewed some of the other weeks as well.

Presentations: Impromptu (put different topics onto little strips of paper and had them pull one out)

First week of Tin Whistle!! It went well! We flipped our Orchestra and Tin Whistle since our Orchestra tutor was moving away mid-semester.

Grammar Review: Brought 2 nerf guns and drew a kind of dart board on the dry-erase board. They had to shoot it and hit a subject and that's the question they got. The nerf guns didn't work very well, so it made that game kind of difficult.
-Divided the class into 2 teams and timed them to see which could put the Timeline cards from this week in order the fastest.
-We reviewed the Timeline song for weeks 1-6 since our class is doing it for the end-of-year presentations.
-We had some time left, so I had the class divided into 2 teams and had them on either side of the room. They had to run and whoever's hand I felt first (as I held my arms straight out), their team got a chance to answer a question. If they got it wrong, the other team could answer. The winning team got an extra sticker on their sticker chart. It worked out since one team won the Timeline race, and the other team won the questions race.

See ya'll back here for week 19!

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