Thursday, February 7, 2013

Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Week 17

We are nearing the end of the third quarter already! Where did the time go? I can't believe it. We had a fantastic class yesterday. It was one of those days where I felt unprepared, largely didn't know what I was going to do as of Monday, and didn't know how it was gonna go. But it ended up going great! I learned from my previous mistake and planned 2 review games to make the time go by faster, and I can't wait to share a great blog that I found with TONS of fabulous ideas for tutoring! If you have found my blog then you have probably already found her blog from Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood, but if you haven't, you will thank me for the link! I was feeling quite uninspired this week, and her blog gave me quite the lift! Plenty of resources, links, ideas for review games, printables, and ways to get those kids to learn their stuff! Thanks to her we had CC Bingo printouts and a great idea for a paper airplane game that the kids LOVED!!!

Week 17

Timeline: Learned new hand motions and used the Timeline cd

History Sentence: Printed out pictures representing the Aztecs, pyramids, Hernan Cortez, and wrote out 1519 (just on Google images). Had different kids hold the pics up as we sang them while the other kids learned the hand motions for the song. Then they switched. I really like having a visual for the history sentence. The hand motions were from CC connected.

Geography: Printed off a map of Africa, and they colored the different countries that are part of South Africa. They also glued their passport stamps to their passports. There was also a really fun worksheet on CC connected that explains the places in South Africa, like "they visited Bob in Zimbabwe" and had a picture of Bob the Tomato. The kids liked that.

Latin: Just played the old favorite "musical chairs" but this week it was a "musical worm." Chairs in a wiggly worm, try to get a seat and finish the Latin song when the music stops. All kids are back in each round so no one has to sit out. I have mostly 6 year olds!

Science: Showed them a picture of a volcano in a science book, pointed out the different parts of a volcano, then used hand motions for the different parts, magma - palms facing down by waist and wiggle fingers, vents - elbows bent and arms straight together, crater - arms make a v with elbows touching, lava - hands together down by waist and come up and out like spewing lava, gases - fingers wiggling by head in the "air"

English: Gave the kids a handout from CC connected that has all the helping verbs sorted out by week. Since there were 5 this week, I separated them into was and were, and be, being, been. I would say 2 and they would echo with the other 3, and vice versa. I also wrote them on a small whiteboard and erased them and had them say them.

Math: Printed off a worksheet from CC connected that showed the area of a square. Had them write the equation once on their paper and repeated the equation a few times. Tried to explain what it meant, but it was over their heads.

Review games: Remember, from last week's experience when I ended up with a lot of extra time and kids who didn't want to play the same review game for 35 minutes, I realized that I needed to plan 2 review games at the end. Especially because the science experiments don't take 30 minutes and their presentation was a joke, and that didn't take 30 minutes either. So this week, I planned 2 fun review games, which I got from Heidi's blog via Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood.

CC Bingo. I printed off these CC Bingo charts (which can be used again and again) and had each child roll a big fat dice from our Hello Kitty Bingo. Each letter of BINGO plus the face of Hello Kitty represented a subject for CC. They had to answer the question and then everyone put a little coin on the square. There are multiple squares for each subject so that kept them all getting Bingo at the same time. It was really fun and they loved it!

Heidi's CC Blog - please visit!!

Paper Airplanes. They all made and decorated a paper airplane. Luckily my husband was there to help them make really cool ones that flew long distances. They got an extra sticker for decorating it with something related to CC. Then they all stood on one wall, and waited for their question. After they answered it, they all flew their airplanes, and of course were trying to see whose went the furthest. Then they would all go to the other wall, and just kept going. The boys especially loved this game.

Towards the end, I asked them if they wanted to keep doing airplanes or play Bingo again, and since the class was split, my husband led Bingo and I led them in airplanes. It definitely was a way better week for Review!! And all thanks to
Heidi's CC Blog!


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  2. I would love to print them too! It says you need permission.