Friday, November 9, 2012

Classical Conversations - Weeks 10 and 11

Well, I am playing a bit of catchup! Again, I got busy this week (and sick) and didn't get a blog post out for week 10 so I will do a double post this week for weeks 10 and 11! Forgive me! I cannot believe we are nearing the end of the semester of CC! We are almost halfway through Cycle 1! It seems like just a few weeks ago that it was summer and I was anticipating the start of the year! Where did the time go?
Well, we have had some fun, creative grammar review games in the last couple of weeks, and I really like mixing it up so the kids are always doing something new. I'm excited to share those with you! I am now preparing for week 12, and then we have our long holiday break. I am planning our holiday party during snack time and I'm excited to send my kids home with some little take home goodies and a craft that they can do at home over the break! I just wanted to throw something fun in there and I'm sad that I won't see them close to Christmas, so I wanted to send them home with a little gift from their CC tutor! So here is what we did for weeks 10 and 11:

Timeline: learned new cards and hand motions
History Sentence: Heian Empire and Byzantine Empire: used hand motions to go along with the songs.
Geography: Used their big maps to find the new geography and color, underline, or trace it with a dry erase marker, they always get to glue their passport stamp onto their own passport for that empire.
Latin: For review of 4th Declension, they played musical "worm" which is essentially musical chairs just set up in a worm formation. I never take a chair out so they can all play each time. But there is one chair missing initially. For the intro to the 5th declension, I always use the clip art sheets off CC connected that has pictures representing each sound. Then they can take these home for practice.
English: learn new hand motions, practice the whole preposition song to the tune of Yankee Doodle, which is what our campus is doing.
Math: I always find worksheets off CC connected and we turn the song on and they point with their finger and follow along on their sheet. (squares and cubes)
Science: Leaves and leaf parts: I was using a binder from another tutor, and she had pictures of each leaf printed out, so we used those and I made up simple hand motions from looking at each picture to remember them. Parts of a flower: showed them the acronym (which is how I remember it, but they might be too little) and then we used a picture off CC connected with labeled parts and I had them circle each part we were learning, and then below that they could draw a picture of a flower and try to draw the specific parts we just learned, which were in the picture above.

Grammar Review: Human Tic-Tac-To, used tape to make the board on our floor, they were divided into 2 teams, each person from each team had a chance to answer a question, and they would stand on the board holding papers with X's or O's.
Candyland: I have heard so many tutors say they use this game! I used the review cards that are printed by CC, and divided up the kids by 2's and there were 2 kids to 1 game piece. Whatever color they landed on there was a corresponding color of review matching cards and we would either review it or they would have to tell me about it. It worked quite well! 

And as always, they have sticker books that they get to put stickers in periodically in class if they are good, and they have sticker charts, and if they are good throughout that class, they get a sticker on their chart, and every other week we have a treasure box for whoever gets both stickers. I have had to take some people's stickers away, but not without ample warnings, and they usually were much better the next week!

Any questions, comments, suggestions, please comment below! I have learned much from you!

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