Thursday, May 3, 2012

Decorating Fun

I am so not an artsy person. Ask anyone who knows me. If I buy something from the thrift store or a garage sale, it is going in my house the way it is, no matter how rough it looks. I almost find it comical when people  say to me, "you should just sew that, or make this, or use this pattern, or sand or paint this," because I have no idea how to do any of those things.
Well, I found this super cool old frame or whatever it is at the thrift store for like $3, and I put it up on the wall. But it looked a little bare with nothing in the middle. I know that people decorate like that these days, but with only one big frame, it needed something else. Maybe it would have been fine if I had several other empty frames with it. But I didn't.
So I was asking some people what they thought I should do with it. My sis-in-law looked up some ideas so it got the wheels turning. Eventually I am going to have pics of each of my kids in each frame. Originally I was going to get the first letter of each of their names instead of the crosses. But I really liked the look of the crosses I found, and the letters I saw didn't have the same look.
So anyways, that's that. Not too much effort. And some help and ideas from family. But I think it turned out pretty cute!! It's also up on Pinterest!!


  1. Love the frame! Great find for only $3. I have got to go thrifting one of these days. I have no idea what to buy though because I absolutely hate shopping. :p