Sunday, April 29, 2012

Back To Normal?

Well, it's probably hilarious to say that things are back to normal since Ruthie has been born, but I do feel like there is a new normal around here that is beginning to feel like normal. In the first 6-8 weeks after the baby is born, things are kind of hectic. Especially after Daddy goes back to work. Mommy has to learn to juggle everything on her own, and learn how to manage to get things done and take care of the kids by herself. Sleep is lacking, patience is lacking, help is lacking!! It always feels kind of crazy! And I always feel overwhelmed during that time like "how can I possibly do this myself!"
But after the craziness wears off a little bit, things fall back into place again. They are never exactly the way they were before, but you learn to cope and figure out how things can get done, what isn't as important and can slide, and how to make time for the most important things to you.
It's amazing to me that we always use the excuse "I don't have time" for the things that, in actuality, aren't that important to us. But the things that are important to us, we manage to find the time even when our time is very limited. I'm really glad that we have found time for the important things. I'm glad that we are getting school done every day for Maddy. I'm glad that I'm finding the time to workout. I'm glad that I can get my house clean when I want to. Sometimes that means staying up through nap time or getting things done late at night, like right now, because it's the only promised uninterrupted time in the day!!!
And I think that God was right on when He had us mommies sit down to relax and hold our babies about every 2-3 hours during the day to feed them. And rock them. And sing to them. Otherwise we might get too busy. It really is nice to sit down all throughout the day and rest and just look at the beautiful baby miracle that has just entered my life. She is precious, and no matter how crazy things might get, I am so blessed to have my 3 beautiful babies!!

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