Thursday, March 15, 2012

Our New Normal

Moments after birth. The first time I saw her.

Well, it was a rough road with a last minute C-section, but it was all worth it to have our precious, perfect, healthy baby girl. I wanted to share some pictures with you all, especially if you haven't seen them on Facebook! We are doing well, especially the recovery. Everyday is better and I feel stronger and less pain. It's pretty crazy how quickly your body can bounce back after surgery!

Our little peanut.

Ruth has had her days/nights a bit mixed up, as they often do, so sleeping has been here and there lately. It's hard to get her to fall asleep for the night until about 12/1 in the morning, which makes for one tired momma! But this too shall pass. Once we can get her more on a schedule, hopefully she will go down for the night a little earlier!! At her 2 week appointment, she was back up to her birth weight, so I don't have to set an alarm to wake her up and feed her anymore at night. She wakes up herself to eat!

Judah with little sister. He loves her and it is so funny to hear him talk baby talk to her, and he's only 2!! He will jump up on the couch and put a pillow in his lap and say "hold her" and pretty much demand it! And he narrates whatever Ruthie is doing. He'll say "eating" or "feed her" when she cries, or "crying." It's pretty cute. He even pulled his shirt up the other day and said "I feed her." We're still working on that! This is all new to him!
Maddy is completely enamored with Ruth. She always wants to sit next to her, hold her, touch her, hold her hand, see her, etc. She just can't stand to not be around her! She has gotten pretty good at holding her and rocking her, though she is getting a little confident and thinking she can move her around or change positions while holding her! She makes me a little nervous sometimes! But she has been a big helper with Ruth and Judah. The other day she even managed to change one of Judah's wet diapers!! I wouldn't have allowed it, but she already threw his diaper out, and managed to get another one on with a little guidance!!
Even Judah has been helping to throw diapers away, turn on the bouncer, and "shush" Ruth when she is crying!

We love Ruth and are adjusting to having a new member of the family! Tad has worked with a friend doing a side job, so I have gotten a taste of having all 3 kids by myself! I even took them out by myself twice yesterday! It's a little crazy! And with such a lack of sleep, it makes it harder to deal with the ordinary, everyday stuff! We started back to school yesterday, and Maddy is doing well adjusting to that again! This is our new normal; we are so blessed with our 3 beautiful children! I know we don't deserve these blessings, but are so thankful that God has entrusted these beautiful children to us!! Thank you, God!

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